Friday, October 10, 2014

He Came! The Raking Fairy Came!

Durwood said that the neighbor two doors up came over with his leaf blower and vrrrr-ed our leaf carpet to the curb for us.  What a great good deed.  I was resigned to having leaves all Fall and Winter and finding them suffocating the lawn come Spring but LJ came and blew them away.  Maybe this time he gets cookies AND banana bread or it might be time to pull out the big guns.  It might be a brownies occasion.

It is officially Autumn.  All colors of mums in the front are blooming, there's frost on top of my car *sigh*, and the birdbath's iced over, not thick ice, but ice nevertheless.  Our maple tree's essentially leafless but most of the rest of the trees on the block are still green or barely turning.  I'm afraid our maple's early leaf dropping bodes ill for the health of the tree but maybe she just wants to get the jump on the rest of the trees in the neighborhood.  I called the city arborist about it but never heard back or got a note.  *shrug*

I was right, the new work OS is one giant mess.  Mrs. Boss was there trying to make heads or tails of it and not succeeding.  There has got to be a bug (or bugs) either in the machine or software because according to the (female) tech "everyone else" loves the program.  I'll bet that's an exaggeration, in fact, I think I'll encourage Mrs. Boss to ask for contact info for at least one of those happy customers to find out what they're doing that we're not or what we're doing that they're not.  Right now I'm hand writing invoices and price tags to dilute the frustration.  She's leaving tonight for a visit with her mom in Colorado and that won't be relaxing if the computer at the store's all bollixed up.  Why do they have to try to improve things that are working just fine?  This "upgrade" doesn't remotely look like the program did before and it sure doesn't act like it, plus most of the type's about 6 point size so it's like trying to read ant footprints.  Bah.  Maybe I'll take gin for lunch instead of a PB&J.  (not really, I don't like gin, but a hot-buttered rum sounds good, especially with the auto frost)

I worked on the bike earmuffs last night at Knitting Guild and got to the end of the headband and started the other earmuff part.  Maybe I can finish it today at work.  If the POS computer cooperates and things calm down, maybe I can.

Central America, Hattian Culture, Ewer Decorated with Concentric Circles.  There was a jagged slash across the thigh of the body on the gallery floor.  Blood pooled around him in a red-black flood.  In the corner a gold pitcher glinted in the beam of a light knocked from a display.

So I was tired last night and the words came hard.  I think I'm going to make me some oatmeal for breakfast.  Baby, it's cold outside.  Brrr.

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