Sunday, October 26, 2014

We Are Fully Carpeted

Not fully unpacked yet but the furniture's back in place and I've unpacked the garage so Durwood can park in there and so that we can function.  I'll take my time unpacking the boxes living in the (vast) back of Durwood's van for now and the ones barricading my sewing machines.  I'm in no hurry--until Christmas gift sewing time comes.

We love the living room carpeting.  It's the deepest richest cappucino color, dark brown with a hint of cinnamon reddishness when the sun shines on it, and it's oh-so-cushy to walk on.  The carpet installer was surprised when he rolled out the living room rug because they sent about 4 feet too much.  Oh, we won't have to pay for it but we've got a huge roll of leftover carpet, plus enough of the dinette/hall carpet to have a few entry rugs cut and bound, and a bit of the bedrooms' rug in case we need repairs.  Pretty soon it'll all stop smelling like chemical fumes and shedding like a dog in the spring and I won't be stopping dead in my tracks every few minutes to admire it--maybe.

My grand plan to have Durwood spend the weekend at the Super 8 didn't work out after all.  There was something about the room, maybe a lack of ventilation that not even opening the window and turning on the a/c helped so by Friday night at 9 PM he was back home.  Evidently new carpet fumes were easier on him than that motel room.  *shrug*  Yesterday he packed up his tanks and some reading material and parked himself in a shopping center lot in the sun for the day so he could avoid most of the dust flying and initial fumes.  We went out to supper and kept most of the windows in the house open all night.  All of the windows have been open all day again, even the patio door's been wide open and I think the fumes are dissipating.  Right now he's bundled up like Nanook of the North but there's football on TV so he's fine but if it's too hard for him to breathe tomorrow I told him to come hang out in the dive shop with me.  (If you're thinking of taking up smoking or if you already smoke, STOP RIGHT NOW.  Trust me, you don't want to have to deal with what Durwood's got to deal with [and, no, I don't mean me].  I know some people have smoked their whole lives and not had emphysema like this but don't take the chance, it's just not worth it.  If we knew then what we know now...)

I was talking to Lala on the phone earlier today and she was saying that her nasturtiums were going gangbusters so I moseyed on out to see how mine are doing (since she's the one who gave me the seeds) and they're happily flowering away.  See?  Aren't they pretty?  I foresee a lot more of them in my future.

October 26--India, Krishna and Balarama By a River.  I want to ride in a colorful wagon with a dome roof painted in red and blue stripes with gold smiles painted on them and flying pennants.  My wagon would be drawn by horses that match the dome's stripes and the horses would have pearls on their bridles.  I would wear my hair in a long braid with flowers woven in and poufy pants with tiny mirrors and little gold bells sewn all over.  My best friend, Lily, would be with me but she'd have only sequins and silver bells, not as nice as mine because I would be the Queen of All the Land and everyone would do as I say, especially my stupid brother William who I would send on a long mission into tiger-infested jungles with only a dull knife and a cup of water because he always says he's the boss of me just because he's three years older than me.  He is not the boss of me because I get better grades than he gets and I am the Queen of All the Land.

Okay, the sun's setting and there are two more boxes here in the bedroom that I could probably unpack and collapse before bedtime if I'd stop doing this and do that.  Of course, I'm sure that the dryer has buzzed so I could/should go downstairs to hang up the shirts and throw the last load in the dryer.  See?  I am the Queen of Multitasking, I can do it ALL (and then collapse into a heap about 10 PM, but I sleep well).  Maybe tomorrow I'll get here to do this in the morning.  Bye!

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Aunt B said...

Beautiful, beautiful all the way around -- inside and out. Love those nasturtiums and, of course, the carpet. That's in our future for the bedroom once our latest health situation is better.