Saturday, October 11, 2014

Feed The Birds

Remember that song from Mary Poppins?  It was always my favorite, so sweet.  Anyway, while my mug of coffee heated in the microwave I went out and filled up what feeders I could (because I'm almost out of all the kinds of seeds).  I don't know how they do it but the bluejays know the instant I put peanuts out there.  I can hear them calling the news from far away and then--zoom!--one swoops onto the feeder and nabs a nut.  I filled the peanut wreath too and that brought a red-bellied woodpecker.  Of course I wasn't nearly fast enough with the camera but I did manage to get a bluejay on "film."

Did I show you the cool earrings I got at The Clearing last week?  They're little handmade paper books with a fish stamped on the covers.  They don't weigh anything and there's nothing written on the few pages but I absolutely had to have them.  They're made by a woman named Nancy L. Akerly in Liberty Grove. According to her card she's an origamist too.  I might need to check her out.  Uh oh, I just looked at her site and she teaches workshops and week-long classes at The Clearing.  Hm.  I'd sure like to do a one or two-day origami workshop.  Or maybe book-making.  Hmmmm.  (I do NOT need another hobby.  NOT.)

Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still.  She looks like Tippi Hedren in her white straw hat in the black and white city.  Something off camera disgusts her or scares her.  See how her lip curls?  Is there a gull or a crow just out of the frame, its beady eyes looking for an opening to peck?  Maybe there's someone she thinks is a threat, someone whose eyes caress her in a way that makes her feel dirty.  The buildings behind her are too tall and far behind to be a refuge.  She needs a bolt hole, a boisterous crowd to mingle with, to sweep her away from prying eyes and predatory fowl.

I can't believe I have to work today.  It's Saturday, but Mrs. Boss is off in Colorado visiting her mom and Mr. Boss needs time off too, he works a lot as it is, so I'm elected.  I'm hoping for a quiet day, yesterday wasn't, but maybe today that little tiny helmet earmuff knitting project that's creeping to the finish line will get there.  Gotta make a PB&J (don't feel bad for me, I have huckleberry jam to put on it) and scour up something for breakfast.  Maybe more oatmeal, that made me feel great yesterday.  Toodle-oo!

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