Friday, October 24, 2014

It's Carpeting Day #1!

Yesterday evening I got Durwood ensconced in the Super 8 so he doesn't spend the weekend breathing all the dust stirred up and the new carpet chemicals, then J&JJ came over to carry all the bookshelves, side tables, lamps, etc. into the garage for me, and shift the drawers from my dressers onto the guest room bed for the night.  Thanks, guys!  (and I only have to pay them homemade applesauce and cupcakes, what a deal)
This morning just after 8:30 the carpet guys arrived and got to work.  Almost before I knew it the "banana bread" kitchen carpet in the dinette and hall was gone and the master bedroom's wasn't far behind.  By 2:30 both rooms were re-carpeted, the closet doors rehung, the nightstand and bookshelves back in the master, and the bed reassembled.  After they left I got the drawers all back in, got this computer desk set back up, and remade the bed.  Then I carried all the drawers from Durwood's dressers into the master and piled them neatly on the bed.  I'll sleep in the guest room tonight so that when the carpet guy arrives tomorrow to finish the job I can help move the TV armoire and living room computer desk, then go off and have breakfast with Durwood -- or maybe even go to the Farmer's Market.  Tomorrow's the last one for the season and I have hardly been, I haven't been very organized this year.

After Friday Night Knitting I carefully disassembled Durwood's dinosaur of a desktop computer (thanks for labeling all the cords and cables, DS) and put them into the dinette with the living room TV, cable box thing, and the DVD player.  Tomorrow I'll stow the antique clock in the master bedroom and the carpet guy will help move the couch, the computer desk and TV armoire, Durwood's dressers and nightstand.  He'll move the bed all by himself and get to work carpeting the last two rooms and be done!

On Sunday I'll wash all the curtains and slowly empty the garage of bookshelves, etc. and Chez Malcolm will get back to (sub)normal.  It'll be a relief.  Of course there's always the danger that new carpeting will make all the furniture look like fried crap but I think over time a bit of smart shopping might solve that problem too, or I'll buy some throws and a slipcover.  

For now I"m bushed and I'm going to hit the hay.  After all, tomorrow IS another day.  (Goodnight, Scarlett.)

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Aunt B said...

TRANSFORMATION!!! That's got to give you a boost to see all that new, clean, beautiful carpet everywhere you look. Throws and slipcovers can't be far behind. Yay for chez Malcolm!!!