Monday, October 20, 2014

It's Monday Again

I know I've said it before but, man, these Mondays whirl around fast, don't they?  The good thing about Monday is I have a shiny new paycheck to cash.  And I only have to work 3 days this week--before Friday and Saturday turn into the crazy days with new carpet installed in the ENTIRE house.  It'll be great when it's done but right now the run-up's keeping me awake.  (I keep trying to convince the furniture to levitate about 2 feet off the floor but it's just not cooperating.)  I'm taking the prep in small doses so I don't overdo or wear out my helpers so I pack a box every once in a while or carry something downstairs (something not too heavy).  I'm nearing the "what gets done gets done" frame of mind. I know that having JJ & JJ haul the smaller things to the garage on Thursday evening will be the frosting on the preparation cake.

How 'bout them Packers?  I'm not a fan but it would have been hard to miss hearing the TV here at home, Durwood's sedate cheering, and the radio announcers' manic enthusiasm in the stores I was in.  I think they might have won.  The flyover was a giant, slow, bright orange helicopter.  I don't know who it belonged to but it was pretty cool looking.  Of course, I was trying to take a picture of a woodpecker when it flew over so I didn't get a shot of it.  *shrugs* Oh well.

In the quiet times at work on Saturday and last night after I got too tired to haul or pack more I got the first side of the Sari Purse Fill-In almost done.  It blends better in person than in the picture, at least I think so, and since I don't have matching yarn (if there is such a thing with this random a yarn) it'll have to do.  I love the colors.

October 20--Claude Monet, The Stroller.  Suzanne walked along the path, the tip of her umbrella making a wavering trail in the sawdust.  Her steps were aimless and staggering.  Her hat sat crooked on her mussed hair and there was a rip in the sleeve of her dress.  She had been carrying a purse but it had dropped from her nerveless fingers far behind...

That's when I fell asleep.  I know there was more to that story, what it is I haven't a clue.  I woke up at 5 o'clock this morning.  I am not pleased.  It promises to be very Monday today.  Auf wiedersehen.

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