Friday, October 17, 2014

Now It's Foggy

Man, we can not get out from under The Drear this week.  Not only is it overcast and gloomy today, it's also foggy.  Not foggy to the max so a person can't see across the street but foggy enough so that the trees are a bit misty looking and the distance is obscured.  I am officially sick of this, it can change to sunshine any time now.  As in NOW.  Ahem, sorry to yell, but I'm that over this depressing weather.  There are still plenty of colored leaves to brighten things up, on the trees, clustered in the corners and against the porch (it was extra windy on Tuesday so things piled up), and the mums are doing their best.  You'd think that the Sun was big and strong enough to muscle its way through a few clouds but, no, it wimps out and lets the clouds take over.  I thought you were tougher than that, Mr. Sun.

When I got home from work yesterday all of the peanuts were gone again and even the platform feeder was pretty much empty.  I decided to only fill that this morning, to give the peanut wreath the day off, since the squirrels have figured out any number of ways of assaulting it and making off with all the nuts.  I had barely gotten inside and was emptying the dish drainer when I saw the parade of bluejays start to carry away the peanuts from the platform.  I have to say again that I am fascinated by their ability to know when I've filled the feeders.  Who tells?  Can they smell them?  Do they know what I look like in my red hoodie and underpants?  (now there's a scary thought. hey, at least I'm not out there with my who-ha hanging out, that should count for something, and no one really overlooks our backyard)

German, Settee. The space between them yawned like the Grand Canyon.  Even though they were less than a foot apart in inches, they were miles apart where it counted.  Hot words had flown between them, no less angry because they were whispered.  Tom had told Cate that he had lost his job once again.  "But it wasn't my fault, Catey, really.  The boss had it in for me."  His left hand reached across the silk velvet of their seat but she shook off his touch.  "Oh really?  Again?"  Her face was creased with disgust.  "Just like all your other bosses and the teachers all through school, even your Scoutmaster?"  She folded her arms and leaned away from him.  "If all those people have it in for you, did it ever occur to you that you might be the problem?"  She stood and stormed off leaving Tom sitting alone, shoulders slumped, his hands dangling between his knees.

Time for oatmeal.  I should find a red sweater or a red something, maybe red shoes (oh, no, they're all packed for the carpet install a week from today), this day needs some serious perking up.  Wait!  It's brightening up a bit out there. Maybe the sun will shine.  Fingers crossed.  Off to work.  Nope, false sun alarm.  Drat.

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Aunt B said...

Concentrate on the new carpet coming next week. That'll brighten you up even if the sun has let you down. At the same time, those autumn leaves are pretty bright!!