Monday, October 13, 2014

Crazy Already And It's Only Monday

I had an early morning appointment so I didn't get a chance to blog at home before I came to work.  I was (almost) on time to work, hardly noticeably late, and had a customer right away who bought a lot of stuff so by 11 o'clock I felt as if my day was a triumph and I should be allowed to go home.  But, nooooo, I have to stay here answering the phone, selling stuff, and talking to people all day until 6 o'clock.  And if that's not cruel enough, the business computer's on the fritz (still) so I'm hand-writing invoices and work orders.  *sigh*  Isn't it against the Geneva Convention to make employees write things by hand?  All that penmanship makes my fingers tired.  And it's supposed to rain.

Yesterday afternoon after the Packer game (I hear they won) DD came over to help me de-crappify shelves and desks and the TV armoire so that the furniture can be moved for carpet installation.  He used his big muscles and strong legs to carry the boxes out to pack in Durwood's van (which makes an excellent storage Pod) or downstairs out of the way.  I have to admit I'm liking the wide open spaces in the house.  On Wednesday I need to go back to Walmart's cardboard box department for some smaller boxes for the dresser top clutter (we tend to fill any flat space with "good" stuff, I'm as guilty as Durwood) and maybe one or two more of the bigger ones for any random crap that comes to light.  I can't wait to get the new rugs.  Getting excited now--only 11 more days!

The coleus have been vanquished by the cold night temps but the nasturtiums are still going strong.  Next spring I'll be planting them again, you can be sure of that, and probably in more places.  I like 'em.

Last night after lunch-soup making and supper I sat down to work on the Carmen Vintage Hankie Cloth.  I got the first round of the second color done and I'm halfway through the first crochet round.  That one takes the longest because you're working off the knitting needles and the yarn over needs some coaxing to let the hook through.  Originally I planned to go back to the carmen for the shell edging but now I think I'll continue with the Bisque (I almost typed "biscuit").  After getting a bit tired of the DPNs (double point needles) tangling, I dug out a circular needle of the same size to try a little Magic Looping.  Well, the cable wasn't quite long enough but I made it work--and I ordered one with a longer cable this morning.  (tee hee, I love online shopping)

Japanese, Performer in Bugaru-style Costume.  The clothes were bigger than she was so it looked like they were a vehicle she rode in.  It took a full hour and maybe a bit more to get her dressed and there was no going to the bathroom once they began.  The headdress weighed at least five pounds.  It pressed her head into her neck and by the end of the performance her shoulders ached from the strain.  While she sat on the low three-legged stool her team of dressers buzzed around her like a swarm of colorful bees, chattering and laughing, while she ran through her lines and movements in her head.

I made soup with barely any salt or fat and it wasn't half bad.  I need to figure out herbs or spices to pump up the flavors; I bought some Mrs. Dash and used lemon juice to perk it up and I think I'm on the right track.  If any of you have some tips, send them my way please, as the doc said I should be on a low sodium diet and everything seems to be swimming in the stuff.  Ooh, a customer...  Bye!

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