Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Would You Mind Calling My Cellphone?"

That's what a man that rang my doorbell on Friday asked.  I was sitting on the couch knitting and saw a stranger pull into the driveway, get out, and start for the door.  Doorbell rang, I answered.  There was a guy about my age looking abashed.  "I'm Greg, my daughter, Julie lives across the street and she's not home.  I'm on my way to a wedding in Madison and I can't find my phone.  Would you mind calling it?"  So I grabbed our land line, walked out to his car, and dialed.  Nothing.  He opened the trunk.  Still nothing.  He looked at me and said, "Look, I only live up Military Ave. a-ways, will you give me 10 minutes to get home and call me again?  I'm sorry to ask but I can't be without my phone."  I said yes.  Waited 10 minutes, called, no answer.  Called again in 5 minutes, that time I left a message.  Just as I was about to dial in 5 more minutes the phone rang.  It was Greg.  "You're never going to believe it, the phone fell out of my belt holder in the garage and fell behind the ladder.  Thank you so much."  I laughed, told him I was glad to help, to have a safe drive, and we hung up.  God, I love life.

This morning I went out to fill the birdbath and saw a chipmunk climbing the oriole feeder pole under the slinky.  Under. The. Slinky.  The little striped beast popped up between the coils, jumped across a short gap to the platform feeder for a snack.  I chased it off but it came back.  Grrr.  I gave Durwood permission to plink at it with his BB gun, not kill it, no, just deter it.  The goldfinches are well behaved and gorgeous in their bright yellow and black feathers and in the garden the echinacea are just about ready to pop.  Stupid chipmunk.

Durwood and I did some errands earlier and treated ourselves to a brat at a fundraising hut at the grocery.  They had sauteed onions to put on the brats.  Yum.  I was smart and asked for 2 brats on one bun so we each only had to eat half the bun.  Messy but yummy.

I didn't write last night either.  The "art" was a flintlock pistol and I wasn't in the mood to write about a gun.  Some pretty painting or textile, maybe, but a pistol, no.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  We're going to do some chicken on the grill and I got a cuke to slice for a side dish.  Now that's gonna be yummy.

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Aunt B said...

I'd describe the chipmunk as wiley - sly - agile and maddening!! Love the story of "The man who lost his phone." You are definitely the Good Samaritan. You could have pretended the inspiration for today's writing was a cell phone!