Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sundays Are For Relaxing?

Well, I'm going to try.  I know I have a load of laundry to do, just one, and DS is stopping by to help manhandle our new used treadmill out of Durwood's van and into the house, but I think that's it.  I want to spend some time figuring out how to make a tote pattern represent a supermoon since that's the "art challenge" I set Lala and me, and it's due August 15, the day before we leave for Yellowstone.  I have some ideas so now's the time to work on it, and I want to see if the machine Mom gave me will embroider on neoprene so I can mark the sizes on the rental wetsuits so it's legible.  The paint pen didn't really work very well so I'm thinking maybe I can just embroider it on, if the needles will sew through the rubbery neoprene.

This morning a few of the Black-Eyed Susan blooms have opened.  I was hoping that the coneflowers would still be blooming but the one bloom looks a bit bug-eaten so I'm thinking that's not going to happen, not for long anyway.  This fall I want to thin out the daisies and transplant clumps of them around so that more of the yard benefits from their bright sunniness.

I went to the Farmer's Market in its new location yesterday.  It's big, really big, and it was crowded.  I got Durwood's tomatoes, some beets, kohlrabi, blueberries, and raspberries, also crab rangoons for me and a pork eggroll for Durwood.  Maybe if I went earlier it wouldn't be so crowded and I could enjoy it more or maybe once I'm used to the new, spread out location it'll be less confusing.  Of course if I'd turned left instead of right when I got to Washington St. I'd have found what I was after sooner but then I'd have missed getting another free reusable bag, so I guess I shouldn't complain.  (but complaining is my life!)

Chapter 2 of The Seaview got rewritten yesterday.  Gearing up for the much longer Chapter 3 later today.

I cast on (well, re-cast on actually) a baby blanket for the church where the knitting guild meets.  I'm using a 29-inch US 13 circular needle and holding 2 strands of worsted yarn together.  I'm thinking I'll drop one of the green, add in one of the oranges (light or dark, I can't decide) for a while, drop the second green, add in a matching orange, then drop one, add the other, etc. so that the colors blend and separate across the blankie.  Or not.  We'll see what happens when it happens.

July 27--Possibly Syria, Ivory Pyx with the Triumph of Dionysos in India.  The ledge was narrow.  Aaron could feel the edge digging into his foot.  He was flattened against the rock face with his arms outstretched and his toes pointed to the sides.  The wind was gusty that high up and at times he thought it was trying to suck him off and fling him to the floor of the valley.  The path had been wide when he started his climb.  He saw hoof prints in the dust at the beginning but hadn't seen any horses or prints all day.  He knew he should have turned back when the  path became so narrow that he could only move sideways but he had been sure it would widen soon.  It had only gotten narrower.  Now he couldn't go ahead or back and it was starting to rain.

I hate days when the weather fronts change and my joints ache.  Today's one of those days.  I'll be the one over here complaining (at least to myself) and hiding in the basement most of the day.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

We saw on the news that you had rain and it looked like lots of rain. Good you were hiding in the basement.