Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sorta Back In Sorts?

I guess that's what you say when you've been out of sorts and are creeping back in.  I feel like I'm getting a cold or maybe it's just the weather fronts and storms slamming through like a freight train, whatever it is, my head feels like of fuzzy, like I'm a half-step behind the pace of life.  Grrr.

Tomatoes are ripening and Durwood's falling behind in rate of consumption so I encouraged him to ramp it up.  I'll help, I'll take some to slice onto my lunch sandwich.  I'm such a considerate wife.  And in our Considerate Husband Department I found this little spatula under my notebook on the bed yesterday afternoon.  It says "just because" on the handle.  I've kind of slipped funk-ward again the last couple days and this is one way Durwood's trying to help me back out.  (it's a long story)  He's a good egg.

Aunt B asked if I listen to audiobooks when I'm treadmilling.  Since the gigantic thing (can you say gorilla in a bird cage?) is in our (pretty small) living room facing a TV both of us have been falling back on the box for treadmilling entertainment, but lately the auidobooks have been piling up so I'm going to have to downshift to book listening while I tread.  This I can do, no problem, I'm sort of more of a book girl than a TV girl anyway.

Got the Chapter 4 rewrite taken care of yesterday before and after supper (edited before, rekeyed after).  I am happy to have Lala's critique notes and some other notes I made last time I read through the manuscript.  I think I might be sneaking up on "book" rather than manuscript.  It's harder than I thought shifting my brain from not writing to writing but I'm willing to forgo some of my mindless TV watching for time at the desk.  It's easier now that it's summer rerun time--well, except for The Chase and Rizzoli & Isles, those, being summer series', are new episodes, can't miss those, but they're both Tuesday night shows so I can work around that 2 hour block of mindless TV.  Well, sort of mindless since I play along with The Chase.  I do love quiz-type shows.

More Black-eyed Susans are blooming with more to come, the coneflowers are looking prime, and the peach lilies that match the siding are still blooming although they're hard to see if you're not looking for them.  This weekend I desperately need to do some weeding in the garden and the streetlight garden.

And we got some rain yesterday.  Real, honest to god rain.  It hit just as I walked into the fabric store looking for sheer silver fabric for my supermoon art/tote project.  I found 2 likely candidates and totally spaced on the webbing for the handles.  *head, slap*  I'll swing by on my way home from work and get it so I can knuckle down and make some progress on the project.  Now that I have the silver stuff I'm anxious to get started to see if my idea works or is a bust.  (fingers crossed)

July 30--John Trumbull, Giuseppe Ceracchi.  The paint on the wood panel must have been oil paint because it burned so merrily.  Caleb stood squinting in the hot smoke ready with the hose in case sparks spread the fire.  He had been meaning to clear out the pile of rotting lumber next to the shed and today it was cooler with hardly any wind.  It was the right day for the chore.  Whole civilizations of chipmunks and mice had set up homes in the pile.  He had visions of a Watership Down kind of world as he worked.  He smiled to think that the leader of the chipmunks stood off a ways watching him.  Then he stopped with a couple rotten logs in his hands and looked around for beady eyes.  He was creeping himself out and needed to just get on with it.

Alrighty then, time to head out.  Got my knitting basket, my manuscript, my iPod and my Kindle Fire all packed up and ready for the work day.  Wonder if I have tanks ready to be picked up... I'd better call Trav.  Adieu, cheries.  Oh, goodie, here come the garbologists, I'll be able to move one of the bins back into the garage before I leave.


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Aunt B said...

Rain!! Beach Week begins tomorrow and the forecast is for rain all weekend and part of next week! My prayers were not answered. Or maybe they were and the answer was "no"!