Monday, July 21, 2014

It's Monday Again

Man, Monday sure spins around fast, doesn't it?  It seems like you just get finished with one Monday and another one's right there ready to Monday the hell out of you.  Not that I think Monday is all bad, it's payday for me after all, but it's also the day that puts the "end" in weekend.  *sigh*

My runaway was good.  I stopped at Spin in Sturgeon Bay on my way up.  I found a shawl pattern and some yarn (40% off) AND there was a crocheted sturgeon on the sidewalk.  Creative!  I spent Saturday afternoon sitting in the Lodge at The Clearing, finishing up Baby Flip Flop #2 and talking to my friend KS who was working there.  Well, working in the sense that she was available to greet people coming through touring the campus and check in those early arrivals for this week's classes.  Nobody I knew came so I just sat and minded my own business, saying a smiling "hi" and keeping on playing with my yarn.  After she got done working we went over to the Jensen Center where I stayed in an upstairs room, I paid her the balance for my upcoming week and for the night, she left, and I basically vegged the evening away.  I played games on the computer, listened to an audiobook, and ate what I had brought, didn't even go out to eat, just sat on my butt in the quiet.  I had planned to take a walk along the bluff on Sunday but it was so still and humid that I knew as soon as I stepped into the woods I would be mosquito fodder so I hopped in my (air conditioned) car and wended my way slowly home.  It wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind but it was good to be away for a day not having to think of anything or do anything, no chores to be X-ed off the list.  My only complaint is that the a/c wasn't working well on the Jensen Center second floor so I kept waking up too hot.

I ended up getting my nails done on the way home instead of on the way there.  I said something about knitting or yarn and the guy doing my nails said, "Do you know LB?"  I said yes.  "Do you know LQ?"  "Yep, I do."  He looked at me over his mask and said, "That's so random!  How can I know 2 people that you know?"  "Well," I said, "Green Bay's really pretty small and we belong to the same Knitting Guild."  "Did they send you here?" he asked.  I had to confess that I found his place on my own, plus he's in my neighborhood.  I suspect he'll remember me and, LB & LQ, he'll tell you all about it, I'm sure.  He loved the blanket you two made for his new babe.  He's a fan.

Like I said, I finished the second Baby Flip Flop so I can't wait to have those tiny feet available for trying them on. Then I finished the heel flap, heel turn, and got into the gusset of the Make It Even Ankle Sock.  I do love making ankle socks, they go fast, plus I like the yarn.

July 21--Mary Cassatt, Lydia Crocheting in the Garden at Marley.  Lydia was intent.  Her pale blue eyes with their invisible blond eyelashes never wavered.  Her pink lips were firm and her gloved hands flew in a repetitive dance as lace grew from her flashing steel hook.  She was crocheting a bridal veil for her niece Charlotte's wedding and the day was drawing near.  Her project bag was her constant companion and her friends wondered how she ate since both hands were never empty of hook and thread.

And it's time to find something to take to work for lunch, get a shower, and all that worky stuff.  *sigh*  I need a housekeeper, gardener, laundress, and someone to work for me (and hand over my paycheck) so I can play with my yarn and fabric more.  D'you think I'm asking too much?

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Aunt B said...

You could be "Lydia" what with your never wavering hands and your knitting bag constant companion!! Your little "runaway" sounded nice even if you didn't get the walk in the woods. And speaking of that, have you read "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson? I think you'd like it -- and maybe I've asked you that before.