Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tee Hee Hee!

Is that how being gleeful sounds?  Being tickled?  Because I am just that at this moment.  I got an email from the library the other day a paper copy of Skin Game, the new Harry Dresden book by Jim Butcher was ready for me.  I picked it up yesterday and started reading it last night, but I'm so used to listening to James Marsters' voice I was really wishing the library had it on audiobook, plus I already own all the other Harry Dresden books from Audible so I wanted the new one that way too, but when I checked on Amazon (which owns Audible) the other day it didn't show up.  *sigh*  So I was resigned to reading it the old fashioned way... but I can't knit while I read and I'm used to doing that.  Doing one thing at a time???  Is that even possible?  But, and it's a big BUT, just for grins I checked Audible just now and TA! DA! I could download it for free.  For FREE! as my trial membership book.  Oh happy day!  It is right now nestled in my Kindle waiting for me to tap the cover and set the story rolling.  Oh, I am going to love working today, love driving to work and back, love zipping over to Stein's to get a bag of lawn thickening seed/mulch/fertilizer/magic enzyme.  Guess I cancelled my previous Audible membership long ago enough that I qualify for the freebie.  Hot diggity dog!

There's lots of yarniness to show you.  I finished my wire shawl pin at FNK and just happened to have a shawl along (to show Lyn who wants to knit that pattern) and see how good it looks?  I think I'd like bigger beads next time but I can buy more yarn, uh, wire tomorrow when Durwood and I go to Fleet to find him some high-waisted jeans.  Yes, he's at the age when he wants his pants to cover his bellybutton but that's understandable I guess, he'll be 75 in about 3 weeks, so he's got his "old guy" card well in hand.  Besides, a guy wants what a guy wants so we're off to find more jeans--and while we're there I can mosey on over to the wire department and get some 28 gauge wire for more bead and wire knitting.  *nods*  Good plan.  (mosey--isn't that a good word?)

I cast on Toasty Feets slipper #2 the other night and worked on that last night at Friday Night Knitting.  I see that I have a few holes where none are supposed to be (I think I purled into the wrong side of a yarn over) but, hey, it's a slipper and it's for me; I'm not going to frog back to fix them.  And CB made her first foray into short rows, making a hot pink bib that she gave me for LC.  It's got a heart button on the strap.  So cute.  Thanks, CB, it'll get put to work first thing.

When checking out the garden this morning I found a little handful of blueberries that will grace my cereal this morning and it occurred to me that the Bee Balm flowers look like jester's hats.  Don't you agree?

I didn't write last night.  I was tired and uninspired.  Maybe I'll have better luck tonight.  I get to work today so I think I'm going to go make me a PB&J for lunch and be on my way.  Maybe I'll go to Stein's on my way to work to get the seed stuff and then I can swing by the library to drop off that Harry Dresden book so the next person in line can get it way sooner.  I'm nice like that.  Enjoy your Saturday, it's supposed to rain here, good reading/listening and knitting weather


Cheryl Brocher said...

I'm glad you liked the bib and I'm sure LC will look cute in it. Next time I make one, I will use all the good advice I got at FNK!!! And YES that flower looks like a jester's hat....Awesome!!!

Aunt B said...

Reading/listening/knitting!!! You sound like Paul when he's on a conference call, looking at his laptop and watching the five o'clock money show on TV all at the same time!!! You're both multi-talented. And I, too, think the flower looks like a jester's hat!

Aunt B said...

Opps! Posted my comment twice!! I can't multi-task!