Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Almost Enough

I was knitting (faster and faster) to finish the second Toasty Feets slipper yesterday, got to the bind off, and ran out of yarn.  I needed about 3 more yards to finish binding off and sewing the seams.  I'd even left off one of the rows in the cuff hoping that'd be enough but it wasn't.  So I searched my Stash on Ravelry, found a bulky weight yarn with purple, orange, and red in it, dug it out when I got home, and finished them up.  It doesn't bother me one iota that there's a different yarn on the bottom of one and for the sewing up.  They're slippers.  I mis-worked a couple yarn overs on the purl side on the second slipper so there are some "lace" holes too.  I don't care, they're for slopping around the house in the winter keeping my feet warm.

On my rounds today I stopped to give the bag of peels to the chickens.  They liked them.

I've been in kind of a funk lately, working hard to pull myself up and out, and was surprised to see a package waiting for me when I got home from work.  My darling DD had sent me a care package.  It's a grid-page journal, 2 packs of cinnamon candies, underwater origami papers with a 3D play mat (you're jealous, aren't you?), Post-it page markers, fish stickers, a tin of red tea, a sewing kit in a little wallet, and Silly Putty.  There was the sweetest note in there with a card with embroidered leaves tucked into it.  I cried, called DD to thank her, and felt immensely better.  Thanks thanks thanks, DD, you're the best.  What a great kid she is.

July 15--India, Chand Bibi Hawking with Attendants in a Landscape.  "The bottom half of the horse was red," Amelia said.  The policeman looked up from his notebook, his pen lifted from the page.  "The horse's backside was red?" he asked.  "No," she said shaking her head, "the bottom half of it.  The head, neck, body, and even the top part of its tail was white.  The legs, belly, and the end of the tail was bright red."  The young officer closed his notebook and clicked his pen.  "Ma'am, how much have you had to drink?"  Amelia was so surprised she stopped crying.  "Nothing.  I've had nothing but water.  I tell you a white and red horse galloped up and ran me over."  Just then a man in torn slacks limped up.  "Did any of you see a white and red horse?  The damned thing mowed me down."  Amelia glared at the policeman.  "Do you think he's drunk too?"

I hate it when I don't get around to blogging until this late in the day, it feels like I won't have anything to tell you tomorrow.  Guess I'll have to make something up.  Toodles.


Aunt B said...

What a fun surprise gift -- especially when you're down in the dumps!!! Great girl you've raised!!

Cheryl Brocher said...

Awwww, what a wonderful daughter you have!! That was a great pick-me-up for you!!!! ;-)