Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We Need Wind

Strong wind to blow away all the humidity that's weighing us down. I hate to keep harping on it but this is so unlike regular Upper Midwest summers that it's constantly noteworthy. I mean, we don't live in the Deep South where life is slow and the air has substance, we live in Wisconsin where it cools off at night and "high humidity" is anything over 40%. It was so foggy this morning that the window panes were wet with tiny beads of moisture, and a veritable swarm of mosquitoes came out from under the bleeding heart when I went out to fill the fountain. Ugh. That's all there is to say--ugh. One more time. UGH.

August 9--Tobago. Alix couldn't wait to settle into her cottage on Pigeon Point beach in Tobago. She had spent the last year planning her month-long getaway to what looked in ever brochure and website like a long stretch of deserted sand with endless views of the Caribbean. She packed sun dressed and shorts, swimsuits and cover-ups, books to read and notebooks for her writing. She bought a new laptop so she'd have a place to save her work. She imagined tranquil days with only the sound of the wind and waves for company. It was the end of a long travel day, and full dark, by the time she arrived at Pigeon Point. The cab driver carried her bags up onto the covered porch, pointed her toward the office, and drove back toward the airport. Jenny the owner greeted her like an old friend and helped her settle in. Alix was glad she'd opted for the "welcome groceries package" as she fixed a simple cheese omelet for a late supper before turning in. The shouts and laughter and chatter of children passing on their way to school work her early the next morning.

I had an idea when I looked at the picture and I almost got there...

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