Sunday, August 29, 2010

A New Experience

Today I did something I never thought I would. One of the dive club members is a champion sporting clays shooter and she arranged for anyone interested to go with her to a club and shoot. I had never shot a gun but there were instructors there to show us and coach us. I used DS's 20 gauge shotgun and Durwood used his 12 gauge. The gauge tells you the diameter of the barrel (I think), the bigger the number the smaller the shell. Anyway, we each bought a box of 25 shells and they divided us up into people who shot well, those who had shot a bit, and Brian, Deb, and me who hadn't shot at all. Durwood stayed with us because shooting is surprisingly strenuous, he needed to rest after 2 shots, and it was blazing hot so that isn't good for his breathing either. It was fun. We had an excellent coach. I hit a few, not many, and I was ready to be done when I'd shot my 25. After everyone was done shooting there was a lunch for us (to buy) that was excellent. Homemade hot turkey or BBQ pork sandwiches on potato rolls, chips, pickles, a pudding torte, and cookies. Oh, plus a drink, water or soda and it was only 8 bucks a person. Deelicious. We got home and I took a shower to cool off and Durwood's having a nap. It was a fun day and now if a story's character needs to shoot at least I know a little bit about it. They're going to have another one in October, we're going!

August 28--Sao Miguel, Portuguese Azores. You get what you pay for. It was the first time Paula and Dan had ignored their natural tendency toward thrift and rented a villa up in the hills of Sao Miguel overlooking the Atlantic. The Azores were far enough from the mainland that everywhere you looked you saw only sky and ocean. Paula found the view supremely restful but Dan missed seeing someplace else to go. They drove around the island, up and down the lush hills, along the coast road and down into the town of Sao Miguel. They strolled the streets of the little town stopping in shops and eating in the cafe. Dan had gone out fishing with Juan, someone he met on the dock and came back to the villa with some silver and slimy fish he wanted her to admire. She did, and then Carmen the maid gave it to the cook who did wonder things to it with garlic and herbs.

That's when my pencil ran out of lead and by the time I'd gotten out of bed, put some in, and gotten back into bed my train of thought had derailed. Maybe I can catch it again tonight.

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