Monday, August 30, 2010

A Nice Big Bruise...

is blooming on my upper arm just below the shoulder. I thought I had the shotgun butted up on my chest. Evidently not. My upper back and shoulders are all a bit stiff and achy this morning. Guess I don't use those muscles that way that much. Ah well, it was still fun and I'll still do it again, next time I'll be better at it. Or a whole lot worse because I'll be thinking about it too much. Isn't that the way it usually is?

How's your writing? I'm taking my notebook and my little tapes to work today so I can listen to my artist interview and make notes. Didn't get to that this weekend so I'm a little behind. See? There's that procrastination I'm famous for. I'm confident I'll manage to get a press release cranked out by Wednesday night. Never fear. Oh, and I had a camera snafu and the pictures I took of him and his art are gone. Technology! It's the pits.

August 29--Sao Miguel, Portuguese Azores. Leah lay on a chaise longue under the thatched pergola outside the villa. The tang of salt on the breeze tickled her nose and made it feel like the air was healthier for her. She admitted that laying out in the midday sun was frowned upon these days. Even though she wore SPF 100 sunscreen, everything she read said that sunlight was bad for you skin, any exposure at all. She didn't want to look like an old leather wallet when she hit her fifties but, my God, lying there was just so sybaritic. She liked the languor of her sun-heated muscles and the subtle color difference in her skin when she showered. She squinted at the angle of the sun. It was about time for Antonio the handsome gardener to arrive. She loosened the ties of her bikini top and turned onto her stomach. She made sure that the sides of her breasts were exposed and that her bikini bottom had ridden up a bit when she rubbed it with sunscreen. Everyone always said she had an excellent ass.

Well, what a minx. Or maybe I should say cougar. It's the start of yet another week, have a good one!

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