Sunday, August 8, 2010

Squash Explosion

I went out into the garden this morning to see what's growing and the patty pan squash plant was all leaned over on the Roma tomato plant. Why? See that bigbigbig one? It weighs 1 1/2 lbs., is big around as a saucer, and it was pulling the whole plant over. Patty pan squash is sneaky. It grows it's fruit under broad leaves and you can't see what's happening unless you are right there parting the leaves, so you miss things and they grow big. It tastes kind of like zucchini. I like it, except that every mosquito on the west side lives under its leaves and buzzes out to bite me when I'm standing there, but it's yummy. You should have some.

August 7--Bora Bora. Seventeen shades of blue in one glance from the blue black of the mountains of the island across the lagoon to the pale blue white of the water nearest the shore. The dry rattle of the palm fronds blended with the soft hiss of the wavelets on the sand to lull us to sleep. There was a young woman whose job it was to make sure you didn't doze off in the sun and get burned. She would send over a pair of beach boys to put up a sunshade while you slept. For a day or two you felt pampered but them it began to seem creepy as if by renting a room in the resort you had also agreed to forfeit your good sense and independence. I kept expecting someone to offer to scrub my back in the shower and another to hove at my elbow to cut my food.

Eh. At least it's writing. For a while there I was thinking I might stop.

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