Saturday, August 28, 2010

Farmer's Market

We just got back from visiting the Farmer's Market. It was very busy this morning, a parking spot was hard to find, but I managed. We had on our wide-brimmed hats and our official basket. Well, it's not "official" official, it's a market basket I carried back from Jamaica on my lap (that tells you how long ago) that lives in my car's trunk and is the perfect size for marketing. It has rounded ends, it rides perfectly on my crooked arm, and holds all the veggies we need for a week and then some. This week we got mixed green and wax beans, beets, kohlrabi, and okra. For our traditional breakfast I had 3 crab rangoons for 2 bucks and Durwood had a pork eggroll for a buck. We went hog wild and got a chicken wing stuffed with eggroll filling for $2.50 (yum!) and 3 battered and fried bananas for a buck, those we shared. It was too much fried stuff but...we are wild and crazy guys!

August 27 (can you believe it's already this late in the month???)--Fiji. The beach wasn't far away, maybe a dozen kicks would get her there. The water was warm and clear with corals in every shape, sponges galore, and fish darting in and out of the reefs nooks and crannies. Ginna could have stayed there all day. The kid in the watersports shack on the beach had sold her a fish ID book for $45 US and she was determined to get her money's worth. She was getting better at narrowing her search when she saw a new fish. She had learned to recognize the way a fish ate by the shape of its mouth and whether the fish was a carnivore, herbivore, or an omnivore. Who would ever use those words in dinner conversation? She did and no one's eyes glazed over, at least while she was there.

Sorry I petered out, I was tired. Eat fresh veggies today.

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