Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot. Hothothot.

We're spoiled. I know it. We usually have a bit of hot and humid weather, but not this endless rain and humidity in the 90%s. I keep waiting to walk out the patio door in the early morning to feel a bit of a nip, just a bit before it warms up nicely for the day. I should mow the lawn. I am not going to until just before sunset so that it'll cool off as much as possible before I got out there and force my way between the water molecules that make up the air these days. Durwood's barely able to breathe lately. Not good. Thank god for air conditioning.

August 2--Norfolk Island, Australia. "Oh look," said Jennifer, "they've planted a bunch of those dentist office pine trees all over this island." It took all of Ben's self-control not to roll his eyes. "No, sweetie, they put potted these in dentist's offices. It's the other way around. The dentist office trees come from here." She giggled and swatted his arm with her little hand. "Don't be a silly. These trees are too big to put inside and besides, how would they fit in airplane seats?" She raised both hands, palms up, and cocked her head which made her look like a puzzled cocker spaniel. Ben's shoulders sagged in defeat. "Of course, how silly of me to thing they'd either send them in cargo ships or," he drew in his breath, "grow them in America." She just shook her head at his words. The rest of the tourists on the tram stifled their chuckles as Ben slumped so low in his seat that only the very top of his head was visible.

I love to eavesdrop, don't you?

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