Wednesday, August 11, 2010

But We Got More Rain Instead

It was logical that the great volume of humidity had to precipitate out eventually but it was still a surprise to wake up to rain tapping on the window over my head. They, the weather guys, say that we'll keep the humidity through the weekend but have cooler and drier days next week. We'll see. I'll give them credit, they haven't been promising cooler and drier when all we've had is hot and moist, so they might actually be getting better at this prediction gig.

August 10--Capri. Goats, Gina thought as she picked her way down the path, only goats should be walking here. Capri was beautiful, rugged and rocky with splashes of green, and the sides of the island were eroded into jagged cliffs by the wind and water. Most of the places she had vacationed boasted sandy beaches ringed by palms but this was a very different place. This little island in the blue Mediterranean was no sandy cookie cutter vacation spot. It had personality from its rugged slopes to its gray green olive groves with trees that looked just as tortured by the winds of time as the outcroppings just off shore.

Off to work.

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