Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning Muggies

Hoo, dogies, it's muggy out there. 92% the weather-guessers say. Makes me happy I have to go to work and stay in the nice cool dive shop. Of course it's air conditioned here at home so Durwood stays cool too. It hasn't been a good summer for walking along the Fox River Trail, tho. We tried going early but it's just too still and buggy, so we're mall walking like we do in the winter. I'd rather be outside but it's been so hot and humid that it makes you feel like you can't breathe, not a good way to feel when you're trying to get a little exercise. It seems easier to walk farther outside, going around and around in the mall is boring and makes me want to stop sooner rather than later, but we're determined to walk, so walk we do. When I don't have to work on Tuesdays and Fridays that is. The other days I workout with my Wii Fit, just so you don't think I'm laying around here in my jammies eating bonbons and drinking.

August 8--St. Lucia. Getting around the island was a colossal pain. The roads weren't in bad shape, not for a Caribbean island, but they were like a roller coaster, up and over the mountains, switching back and forth down the steep sides, and snaking through the narrow towns that clung to the shoreline. Juliet thought that the car rental companies should have included a six-pack of Dramamine with each rental. She thought the only way that she could avoid getting car sick would be to exclusively take water taxis or rent a helicopter. She considered staying on the resort for her whole visit but there was just too much to see, too much to do.

Man, oh man, has inspiration fled or what? That is the epitome of sucktastic writing. My only excuse is that I kept falling asleep so I just scribbled and quit. Yikes.

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