Wednesday, July 28, 2010


That's how the weather feels, how my body feels, and how my brain feels these days. Right now I could very easily burn all my notebooks, break all my pencils, and park my carcass on the couch to knit, watch TV and veg. Bah.

July 27--Maldives. I don't know how it has stayed there for as long as It took to grow that tall. The palm tree grew horizontal for all but the last few feet of its more than thirty feet of length. You'd think you would say "height" when you're talking about a tree but since this one persisted in growing sideways "length" is the word. I want to burrow into the undergrowth to see how the roots are holding onto the edge of the island. I want to discover by what form of natural magic that swoop of a palm tree stays in place. That tree trunk looks like the perfect place to hang a swing but I fear that even the negligible weight of the ropes and plank would upset the delicate balance of roots and fronds to send the whole thing splashing into the drink.

Sucktastic, isn't it? But I have to keep reminding myself, putting pencil to paper any way is a step in the right direction. Stay stubborn.

We'll miss you tomorrow night, Aunt Nancy, have fun with the nieces.

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Jenny said...

Anything with the word "sucktastic," even if said word didn't come in the fiction part of the piece, is fantastic in my book!