Saturday, July 24, 2010


It was pouring rain when I got up at 6 this morning. Again. Do we have to pay someone to get the rain to stop? John said he talked to a meteorologist friend who said the weather won't change until we get some drier air, that we should pray for a cold front to drop down from Canada. Okay, I'm praying. I'm tired of being the buffet when I step out into the backyard.

July 23--North Island, New Zealand. Once again the picture I have in front of me to write about looks like a movie set or some computer generated scene. Lush green forest in the foreground, with palm trees even, surrounding a perfect little lake, a generous plain in the middle distance dotted with wooded areas and a few houses and hamlets, backed by the snow-capped majesty of a volcano. There are even some puffy clouds drifting out of the frame on the right. It looks like a postcard or a calender. I'm beginning to think that choosing the Islands Page-a-day was a mistake. I feel like what I'm writing has become repetitive and predictable. I need to start looking at these pretty pictures from a new angle. Any suggestions?

Well, that's boring and whiny, isn't it? But that's all I've got today. Sorry for the slim pickings.

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