Wednesday, July 14, 2010


"Hump day" some people call it, like it's something you need to get over, others just call it Wednesday. I have to work today. I'm kind of lukewarm about working today. I'll enjoy being away from home with a zippy new Mac to play with and my knitting, Walkman, and Netflix to keep me occupied, but there's always the chance that a pesky customer will come in and interrupt my day. Tsk. Can you imagine? The nerve...

July 13 (Happy 29th brithday, Ann!)--Culebrita, Puerto Rico. Sprawled there on the edge of the Caribbean Sea the little, one-mile long island rose out of the waves. It was sure of itself, this little island, with confident cliffs on its southern edge and a rakish curve across its middle. Raul knew every pebble and blade of grass on it. He had roamed its shores and tramped its spine as a boy and now he was a man, with a man's interest in land. Culebrita was enticing, flirting with him, flashing her rich curves and lush harbor like a siren. He couldn't resist her. She was where he would make his home, he would bring his bride to her, and his sons would come to love her as he did. Raul would always be faithful to his first love and he hoped that she would never betray him.

Well, I kind of like that. There isn't much happening but I like it. Have a happy hump day! (I was going to tell you to hump the day away, but that doesn't sound right, does it?)

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