Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gray Funk

That's the state of my mood, I'm in a gray funk, and it really has nothing to do with my life at the moment. I think it's like a chronic bacterial infection, it comes and it goes, sometimes it responds to treatment and other times it has its own agenda. Good things are happening in my life, I got published and PAID last week, nobody's sick(er than usual), and nothing's broken. But I can't seem to stick to my food plan (I'm trying so hard not to think of it as a diet) and it's more trouble than it's worth to work out lately. Maybe the crummy weather's what's making me ache all over and not want to exercise? So that means I'll feel better Friday when the overcast is supposed to be gone. Maybe? I got an email yesterday from the director of The Clearing asking if I was still interested in coming up and helping them get their newsletter restarted, to which I answered a resounding YES! That's an excellent piece of news, don't you think?

July 6--Kauai, Hawaii. Lani never expected it to be like this. She had always imagined Hawaii as a place of palm trees and white sand beaches, not jagged rocks and canyons over half a mile deep. She stumbled and sent a rock bouncing down the path and off into the air to clatter toward the bottom. It was cold here too, not at all what she meant to be doing on her vacation. When Richard said he wanted to go for a hike she thought he meant a stroll down the beach hand in hand, maybe in the moonlight. That would have been romantic. This was not. this was the Hawaiian version of the Bataan Death March, with a bunch of nerdy birdwatchers and botanists with binoculars around their necks and notebooks in their pockets. She wanted to be sipping a MaiTai under a palm tree not sipping an energy drink on the rim of a canyon. Some vacation this was turning out to be.

I'm with Lani, I'd like to be sipping a drink under a palm tree instead of needing to shower, get a haircut and then go to work to keep the world safe from scuba diving. But I do get my paycheck today, that's a good thing, and Dusty's coming over tonight after supper to knit for a while, that's a good thing too. My life is not all crap, I just have to keep reminding myself of that. Cheer up, Barbara, your life is good.

P.S. Is anybody out there? It feels big and echo-y in here. Hello?

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