Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday--And I Have To Work

*sigh* I feel so ill-used. There will be no discussion of my spoilage here.

This morning I went out and filled the feeders, fed the skeeters, and dribbled a little bleach in the fountain. I ate my cheerios out on the patio too. It's so peaceful to chomp away at the little oaty Os while listening to the birds sing and the bees hum. Now I'm sitting here scratching and wondering if I can wear shoes to work because I royally stubbed my second toe yesterday and it still hurts like a bastard. How can I not know how long my toes are after all these years of them being exactly the same size? My big toe is much longer than the second one and yet that one, the second one with the deformed toenail that hurts most of the time anyway, that's the one I jam into the couch leg making me blister the air with clenched-teethed profanity. It's not purple--yet.

July 16--Bora-Bora. Just like a first scene in a Hollywood movie about a lost civilization, Mt. Otemanu juts up out of the sea. Ringed by palms and carpeted with lush vegetation you can almost hear the voice-over by David Attenborough telling you in his hushed upper crust British tones about spiders big enough to catch and eat birds and coconut crabs with claws strong enough to sever a finger. It's nature "red in tooth and claw" dressed up for a party in a fancy green dress.

Not very long, but I was tired, it was late. I have to go to work.

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