Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden Pix

It's the middle of July and stuff is finally ready to pick and eat.

Durwood picked his first Early Girl tomato yesterday and ate it immediately. No time for a photo. These three are almost ready.

I spied a few Sweet 100s nearly ready to pick. I like a few of them in a bowl with a little Vidalia Onion Salad dressing on them.

I haven't been checking under the big beautiful leaves of the patty pan squash plant. Might have been a mistake. (see pint jar ring for scale)

The Stargazer Lilies I got last fall when the grocery store parking lot greenhouse was clearing out are blooming. They smell like a mixture of baby powder and honey. Intoxicating.

We have a lot of Monarch butterflies in our yard. Why? Because I learned which of the "weeds" along the lot line are milkweeds and let them grow so the butterflies come to visit.

A few years ago I planted a daisy plant. One. Now look at what I have. Good thing I like daisies.

Sunny Hill Farms corn is ready! I don't know if it's the soil they grow it in, the seed variety they buy, or the fact that they live a good, clean life, but SHF corn is the best.


Ann said...

Religious corn! I'm so jealous.

Barbara said...

There must be some good, clean-living, God-fearing Kentuckians who grow good corn. You and Anne should make that your summer quest.