Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Check Up

It's time for the ol' Kumquat here to go in for its million-keystroke checkup. My ISP offers computer service for not too much money so I try and take it in once a year or so to get its corners and cobwebs cleared out. I know I'm going to miss it. Isn't that silly to miss an inanimate object that isolates you from the rest of the world? Well, the living breathing world anyway, you're plugged into the interwebs and "in touch" with non-corporeal entities but it's isolating and cuts you off from real humans. Still, I'll miss it and I'm addicted to it. I'll get my laptop back on Friday so it won't be too bad. I anticipate it'll be like when the car's in the shop; I'll think of eleventy-bazillion things I need to look up, or at, RIGHT NOW. Foolishness.

July 20--Santa Cruz, California. The island looked like a rumpled bed. Sofia could imagine the soft earth being shoved aside so that it formed ridges and valleys, and then solidified over the ages. She could see how erosion had played its part too. It had been years since she took a geology class in college but rocks don't change all that quickly. Her granddaughter told her that now students took classes in Earth Science but Sofia thought that was just plain old Geology dressed up in Sunday clothes. She sat on the rocky beach examining the pebbles as they were turned by the gentle surf. She had promised Ed that she wouldn't bring home too many rocks but she knew that he definition of too many was far apart from hers. She had even brought a little extra cash just in case her suitcase got a little too heavy for the new airline rules. Oh, that was a pretty one.

Finally. I was running late and didn't have time to type this earlier. Sorry you had to wait. (despite what it says down below this post, it's 12:35 PM) For those who care, I'm feeling much happier today. It's a nice change.


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