Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Plugging Away

I'm keeping on keeping on even though I'd rather be lying on a chaise listening to The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and eating Pieces. Have you read Steig Larsson's books? They're crackerjack thrillers, there are 3 of them, and he died of a heart attack before the first one was even published. This is a tragedy not only because he's a good writer and the books are riveting, but because he was planning a series of like, 10 of them, and they're connected so now we'll never know what happens in the end. Gah! There are rumors that most of the 4th is on a laptop his longtime mistress has and synopses of more, but she's embroiled in a fight with his dad and brother and who knows when that'll get settled so we can have more of the story. And I have to quit buying and eating Pieces. I'm addicted to them and eating them is not the way to lose weight and I want to lose more weight. I keep working out and walking and eating lots of veggies and counting what I eat (except for the bad things, of course, bad being relative to staying on the straight and narrow of WW old Quick Start plan) so if I quit being my own worst enemy I'll lose more weight and be happier with myself. Right? Right. Enough whining, here's what I wrote last night.

July 12--Bird Island, Slovenia. All she could smell was old varnish and mildew with a bit of oil on tip. How long had she been in this place? It was pitch dark and cramped. She knew she was on a boat because she could hear water slap on the hull. The first time she had heard voices, men nearby had been conversing in a language she didn't understand she had called out. "Help! I need help, get me out." Over and over she had called, her voice getting more shrill with every repetition. She heard the men laugh and then the hatch opened letting in a flood of light and one of the men said something in that guttural Slavic tongue and dumped a bucket of cold water on her to silence her. She sputtered and gasped as the hatch slammed shut, "no, wait," and she was left in the darkness again.

Well, at least something's happening. Go for a walk today, or a bike ride.

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