Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cottonwood Snowdrifts

I tried to sit outside in the shade to read yesterday afternoon and the cottonwood was so thick I had to go in.  I kept inhaling the #$%^& stuff, and look how it's collected in the gutter.  It looked like falling snow on the light breeze.

And now it's raining.  Whoop.  Guess I won't be lawn mowing today.  Ooh, a little thunder.  I do like me a crash bang storm every once in a while.

I ran to Walmart after supper last night to get a few things--baby wipes, cornmeal, minced garlic, ice cream--you know, the usual, and I splurged on 3-$5 t-shirts.  It's amazing how much of a mood-booster something as simple as a cheap t-shirt can be, isn't it?

June 18--India, Mughal Period, Portrait of the Elephant Alam Guman.  The great brown-gray-black beast rocked on its tree-trunk legs, waving its ears, and twitching its tail.  The mahout had draped it with a red brocade blanket with a golden net overlay with gold beaded tassels every few inches.  The animal wore a gold headpiece and gold filigree bands on its shortened tusks.  The artist set up his easel as far away as he dared to keep out of the way of the swinging trunk.  He had seen elephants spray water and fling straw, he hoped to stay out of range.  He also hoped that Shah Jahan approved of his work, an artist with only one hand is not much of an artist.

I get to go to work today.  Oh goodie.  It'll be quiet-ish there and there will be no vacuuming there either.  I need to vacuum here but I've been avoiding it.  I'm not a fan, all that moving furniture and the noise hurts my ears.  Maybe I should get a Roomba.  (no, don't get me one, I was only kidding.)  Off to the salt mines.

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Aunt B said...

Shopping is always a tonic for me too. And everybody can always use more tee shirts!