Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thunder, Rain, Sunshne, Repeat

That's been today.  A rumble of thunder woke up my bladder at 5:30 this morning, the rain kept me awake, and it's been cycling through rain and sun all day.  Right now another storm is just wrapping up, the thunder's moved off, and the sun is out.  There's a football game in town tonight, I'm glad I don't have tickets.  Not that I'd ever want to go or even watch the game (not a fan, I know a lot about the sport but I don't care one whit about it; it's a wonder they let me live here) but a lot of people are going to get wet because they never don't go no matter the weather.  I lived here in 1967 when they played the Ice Bowl on New Year's Eve when the temp at the start of the game was -13 and people went to the game.  And stayed there until the end.  No piddly little rainstorm is going to keep people at home.

We had a visit by a male Downy Woodpecker during a lull in the rain this morning.  I just love the way they look.  There's nothing like black and white with a little splash of red to make a being look snazzy.

These Bluejays have been hanging around for weeks.  I suspect that they're young'uns because they act like teenagers--loud and always hungry. 

As I said I might, on the way past Shopko during errands yesterday I drove through the parking lot to see that they still had day lilies for $2.87--so I bought six more (same colors).  I said that I was going to get three but Durwood said, "get as many as you need" which I interpreted as "get as many as you can pay for."  I could afford six so I bought six.  I was planning to plant them today but... rain.

Instead I went downstairs and sewed up another of the tunic dresses I cut out the other day.  This one is an orange linen blend.  I like it, it's cheerful and bright.  I'm getting good at this pattern so it's about time to switch to the one with sleeves.  I'll need sleeves come winter. 

August 10--William Henry Hunt, Wild Rose & Bird's Nest.  There had been a storm in the hours before dawn.  Polly was awakened by a clap of thunder so loud she awoke on a gasp.  She peeked under the shade of the bedroom window and saw the branches of the neighbors' maple tree thrashing in the wind and rain.  It was very dark but lightning flashed almost continuously.  She knew she'd never get back to sleep while it raged so she got up to make coffee before the power went out.  Even though she drank decaf, morning was unbearable without coffee.  While the coffee gurgled and dripped she snagged the newspaper off the front porch before it got completely soaked, then opened the drapes over the patio door to watch the sun rise in the storm.  She heard things fall and tumble outside and knew her day would be busy righting patio chairs, picking up fallen branches, and rehanging birdfeeders blown off their crooks. 

No, I didn't write that today, I wrote it last night when I didn't know what today's weather would be like and today's weather hasn't been anywhere near as violent and dramatic as what I wrote.    It's just been raining off and on with a bit of thunder as counterpoint.  BTW, the sun's gone again, and I hear far-off thunder.  Oh, I'll bet there won't be a flyover before the game because of the storms.  The flyover's the only part of football I like.

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Aunt B said...

Your day yesterday sounded like Florida weather -- sunshine, rain, sunshine, etc. But too bad about the fly-over. I know that's the only part of football day you like. Can't agree with you on that one because I'm THRILLED that football is (nearly) back.