Thursday, August 17, 2017



My friend AT and I met for lunch and went to the Fair.  (brace yourself)  Every single thing KW and I entered got a ribbon.  Most of them got 1sts, a couple 2nds, and one 3rd place.  You could have knocked me over with a feather when I looked at the knitting and crocheting shelves and saw a ribbon sticker on every one of my entry cards.  Tonight is the knitting guild meeting and I'm going to tell everyone about it and encourage more people to enter.  Yeah yeah, I know that'll make more people to edge me out of earning a ribbon but this is a great way to show off your knitting and get bragging rights.  The cash prizes are nearly nonexistent but I want ribbons.  And I got 'em.  Hooray!  I'm already planning what to enter next year.

I had a lot of unexpected sewing time yesterday since the humidity kept Durwood housebound instead of going to listen to the speaker at the museum which also put the kibosh on "out to dinner" (which was going to involve a visit to a local family restaurant, nothing fancy) plan.  I resolved to sew up anything I had cut out before cutting into any of the new fabric I've bought in the last couple weeks.  So I sewed together the red & black striped long-sleeved tee shirt I'd cut out last fall, then sewed another swim shirt for the grandkids.  I have one more long-sleeved tee cut out and one more tunic/dress pinned together ready to be sewn, probably this weekend, then I'll be cutting and sewing Tunic No. 1.  That one I have solid fabric for the "dress" part and some flowered linen for sleeves.  I might even figure out how to make a printed yoke with a plain skirt on this sleeveless version.

The Orioles are back in a big way.  This bright orange male started coming a couple weeks back and this week two or three fledglings started visiting.  I get so excited when I see that flash of orange at a feeder.

I was looking for something different to knit and remembered that I had put together yarn to make another soft owl.  LC loves Hoot, the gray black one that lives in the car, and OJ likes it too.  So far they've never both been in my car at the same time but I envision tussles in the future over who gets to hold Hoot so I cast on last night and got a couple rounds done but decided I want to carry an eyelash yarn along with the worsted and fluffy stuff so it looks more bird-y.  I'll be ripping this tiny start out and starting over.

August 17--Achille Tominetti, Downpour in Mountains, Italy with herd of sheep.  The clouds butted up against the mountains and got stuck so they unleashed their frustration on the foothills and plains.  There was very little warning.  One minute it was sunny and mild and the next it was nearly dark with cold rain pounding down.  Eric looked at the herd of sheep around him.  Sheep weren't very smart but they clustered around him as if he could protect them from the thunder and lightning.  His dog, Len, kept the herd together and spent time retrieving strays, too busy to give in to his fear of the thunder's loud crashes and the sizzling lightning bolts.

I promised Durwood that I'd go up to the Farmer's Market in the nearby shopping plaza lot and get him an egg roll, he's got a hankering and since I had lunch at the Fair today (no funnel cake, though, they'd run out of oil [wha-????]) he gets an egg roll.  Because I say so.


Ann said...

Congratulations on your ribbons! That's awesome!

Aunt B said...

Yay and Yay for your ribbons from the Fair!! So rewarding to see those stickers on all your wonderful entries. How could the judges NOT acknowledge your skill???