Thursday, August 3, 2017

Look Who Came Back

Durwood's been watching for weeks for a Hummingbird to come back to the feeder but hasn't had any luck.  I've kept the feeder clean and the birdie juice fresh but what with tending a nest and all the flowers, etc. in bloom she really didn't need to eat here.  We've seen the male fly by on his way to the patio flowers or honeysuckle but he hasn't visited long enough for us to do more than say, "hey, there's a..." before he's long gone.  But not today.  This little female came for a nice long drink so I could get the camera out and snap her picture.  Ahhh.

The last Stargazer Lily bud has opened on the plant in front of the house.  I managed to salvage about half of the red Day Lily plant that was down by the corner of the lawn where they dug around the manhole--which they have covered up again and I am watering grass seed over.  I quickly dug a hole against the house under the front window to replant the red Day Lily, it'll be more visible there anyway.  In its old spot it was kind of swallowed up by one of those ornamental grass plants.

But on my morning-long round of errands today I happened upon a sale on day lily plants so three of them, one of each color, came home with me.  (they were only $3 each, I'm sorely tempted to go back for more but now that I'm retired I don't have as much disposable cash *sigh* "time or money, choose one" has to be my new motto, I guess)  Of course on the day that I had seven stops to make it poured rain, I mean, it just came down like a cow peeing on a flat rock, that kind of rain.  I was soaked--and I had a nice big umbrella--that I used.  I am now in my second outfit of the day, the first one is drying.

One of my stops this morning was at Office Depot.  They have a vast and colorful collection of washi tape and I had a rewards card to spend.  I use washi tape to put Zen quotes in my Bullet Journal and this morning I started putting little pieces of the fabrics I've sewn up in there too.  Might as well jazz it up since I can't draw or doodle like some people do in their BuJos.

Yesterday I knitted Sudoku Long Strip #1 to 64" which is how long I measured that I'd need.  Fortunately I had my wits about me and didn't bind off because if you'll look at the bottom of the accompanying photo you'll see that it's too long.  In fact, I think I'm going to put those stitches on a holder, crochet the strip to the panels and then finish off the strip.  This yarn's long discontinued so I can't go wasting any.

August 3--Paul Cezanne, Bottles and Peaches.  Every one of Martha's picnics is the same--wine and fruit but no food.  Not that peaches aren't food but people need more than summer fruits for balanced nutrition.  Martha laughed when I said that and she told me to go get bread and cheese and "then everything will be perfect."  I suppose she's right.  One of her lopsided meals won't send us all down the slippery slope to malnutrition, and her peaches are the best I'd ever tasted.  The wine isn't bad either.

Okay. It looks like it's about to pucker up and start raining again.  Of course it is, because there was a big article in the paper the other day about a food truck that's at the Thursday Farmer's Market two blocks from here and we're planning to share one of their sandwiches for supper tonight.  We were hoping it'd be a beautiful day so that we could both go and stroll around, me pushing Durwood in his wheelchair, maybe buy some fresh veggies, and then we'd have supper al fresco.  That ain't happening.  I'll be going over to get the sandwich and we'll eat at home.  As usual.  *sigh*  At least Sunny Hill has corn so we've been having corn-on-the-cob almost every night since I first saw the wagon over on Ridge Road.  I should probably go get that sandwich before the sky opens up again, shouldn't I?

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Aunt B said...

Yay for the return of Mrs. Hummingbird -- and also the Sudoku afghan! And for the return of the Beach Week travelers. Right now, I'm soooo tired. Going up we had to run like crazy to make our connection in Charlotte. Why is our arriving flight always at the very end of the furthest concourse from the outgoing flight? It was daunting. But then coming back today - same thing -- only worse! We made the Ft. Myers flight by the skin of our teeth. Last ones to board! Phew!!! Good to be home!