Thursday, August 31, 2017

Happy Belated Birthday, Mom!

I don't really know what happened to yesterday.  The time seemed to slip by without me noticing and I never got around to blogging.  It was noon before I even managed to take a shower.  However I did remember that it would have been Mom's 89th birthday so I thought of her quite a bit through the day.

Durwood had an appointment with the toenail nurse (I refuse to clip his toenails, I love him but that's just too much) so I had a bit of time to knit my way through the dreaded blue of the Crazy Z Reds Campfire Sock yarn, into the purple, and see the return of the red.  Huzzah.  I was sorely tempted to frog the thing and start again after the blue section but then I thought that blue might just come around again and I'd be too far along to start over so I'm going with it.  The blue will be under my pants leg anyway, right?


Here's this morning's tomato harvest.  A couple of them aren't quite ready to be eaten but, trust me, we won't be running out of ripe tomatoes anytime soon.  Nope, not running out soon.

My sewing jag doesn't seem to be running out anytime soon either.  Yesterday afternoon I cut out two Tunic No. 1s from 100 Acts of Sewing and this morning I sewed the first of them together.  I expect that I'll be sewing the other one up later while the Durwood is watching the Green Bean Pickers play on the teevee.  They're playing here tonight so this side of the city is going to become a madhouse pretty darned soon.  I'll be happy to go hide in the basement with my fabric and scissors and commune with Mom while I'm using some her lifetime supply of bias binding for the necklines of the tops I'm making.  This Tunic seems a little snug around the boob-al area, I suspect I fell back on the traditional 5/8" seam allowance instead of the 1/2" allowance called for.  I'll be more careful sewing up the next one.  I was thinking I might put a piece of the sleeve and pocket fabric in the underarm and side seam.  That might look interesting.  Or maybe I'll just follow the directions like a good little sewist.  I'm also thinking that the neckline is a little too swoopy and open.  Might have to redraw that pattern piece...

August 31--Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto), The Rialto Bridge, Venice.  There were so many watercraft in the canal near the Rialto Bridge that it was a wonder they didn't crash into each other.  Private gondolas, gondolas for hire full of pointing tourists, motorboats making deliveries--they all swarmed around, the boatmen calling out to each other.  In one of the private gondolas a gray-haired man in a suit shouted into his phone while waving imperiously to his boatman to weave through the congestion in their way.  The tourists wanted to drift along taking pictures of everyone and everything.  It was the driver of one of the delivery boats that noticed the body bumping against the bridge supports.

Look at the time!  I need to zoom over to Aldi for some grapes before the football people clog up the streets.  It might already be too late.  At least I'll be going in the opposite direction.  I'm outta here.

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Aunt B said...

I thought of Marl on her birthday too -- but then, I think of her so often. But today I'm thinking about you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! Hope the cute card I sent gets to you today but it might be delayed. We had no mail pick-up or delivery Monday or Tuesday because of all the water in The Forest! So your card resided in the mailbox too long. But Happy Day to my favorite niece. Love you.