Thursday, August 24, 2017

Squash on the Fence

When I surveyed the tomato plants trying to spy any hints of red hiding in the thickets, I saw that these two Butternut squash are growing quite happily and quite big-ly hanging from the fence.  I will not be impatient and pick them before the first frost so that they're ripe and sweet when I want to peel one and make it into squash soup.  Cross my heart.

This little chipmunk takes full advantage of any seed or peanuts that fall when I fill the feeders.  OJ is always on the lookout for him when he's visiting and we have a line of small hand and nose prints on the patio door about 18" up from the floor to prove it.

I managed to drag myself downstairs to finish version 4 of Dress No. 1, this one in a drapey rayon-ish fabric.  I'm sure it's nothing but polyester with delusions of grandeur but I really like the geometric print of it and was curious how a softer fabric would work in the pattern.  I wore it to take Durwood to an appointment yesterday and I can attest that it works just fine.

After supper I finished the head of Hoot II, the brown owl, even getting the safety eyes, ear tufts, and beak attached.  Here you see it perched on top of the body.  This morning I knitted the base which closes off the big opening on the bottom (and ran out of the feathery yarn 2/3 of the way through so the bird will have a partly bare bottom; not an unattractive look) and the first of the wings.  For the wings I'm using a coppery colored novelty yarn with much longer hairs carried with the two browns; I like it.  Maybe I'll get the whole thing done today--if I park my carcass on the couch for the afternoon.

August 24--Michele Panebianco, Gelon Granting Peace to the Vanquished Carthaginians.  "Peace be with you," the priest said, and the words murmured from the front pew to the back one like a wave as the parishioners turned to greet those behind them.  I had my doubts as to how sincere the words were.  This congregation seldom agreed on anything.  Deciding on...

And that was that.  A defective pencil and a talkative spouse chased what was admittedly a thin-at-best idea clear out of my head.  Frustration will do that to a person.  Okay.  Time to dig up some lunch and then go knit another owl wing.  Maybe I'll knit on the patio since it's so nice out today.  What a great idea.

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Aunt B said...

Those squash are impressive. Can't imagine them getting even bigger. And I love that very startled looking owl. Too cute.