Sunday, August 13, 2017

Only One More To Go

Okay.  In my enthusiasm I cut out three more tunic-length dresses last week.  I sewed up the navy blue with red and white dots one on Monday.  On Thursday I sewed up the orange tropical floral one.  The last one cut out isn't linen-y, it's more rayon-ish so it'll be a departure in texture and drape but the same shape and fit.  (I might have gone to Jo-Ann Fabrics this afternoon to spend a "$10 off when you spend $50" coupon.  I'll probably take a picture of my purchases to show you tomorrow.)  Next I want to cut out and sew up a similar garment but with sleeves.  Probably more than one.  I can't seem to stop.

In other creativity news, I finished the Denim Hankie Washcloth after lunch.  I realized that I haven't used the first one I made.  I should probably do that, shouldn't I?  I make things to be used and here I'm guilty of leaving that washcloth off to the side just so I can admire it.  Pfft.

This morning one of the Bluejays hung around on the peanut wreath while I was doing my yoga and actually stayed there when I stood up so I could take its picture.  I scared off a Hummingbird though.

Greater love hath no wife than she'll make a pot roast for her husband in the middle of the summer.  At least I was bright enough to put it all in the crockpot instead of using the oven to heat the kitchen all day.  I have to admit it smells good but pot roast seems like winter food to me.  Do you have seasonal food ideas too?  Durwood and I have had discussions about winter food and summer food.  He doesn't get it.  I say that soup and stew and roasts, all of those rib-sticking, warm you from the inside foods are for winter and salads, grilled meats, and lighter meals are summer food.  When I say that he looks at me like I'm more than half a bubble off level.  I think he's the one a little cracked.  Ain't matrimony grand?

August 13--Edward May, 15th-16th Century Battle Dress.  It had to be very uncomfortable to wear, I thought as I stood before the suits of armor.  The wearer had to be hot in summer and frozen in winter.  He probably couldn't move around much and definitely couldn't dress himself.  I wondered if they rattled and clanked as they tottered into the yard to mount their horses.  The guy on the end had half of a weasel on top of his helmet, not a very scary creature especially looking backwards.  I also thought that an armored man would be like a turtle if he fell off his horse; he wouldn't be able to get up without help.  In the future, I'm sure that some of our technology will seem just as antiquated and ridiculous as armor does today.

I think I'll go take pictures of my new fabric and then toss it into the washer and dryer.  I did only buy sale fabric, so that's something.  I gotta stop spending my savings, there will be no more paychecks to build it up again.  Retirement is... interesting, not as quiet as I'd thought it'd be but I'm doing a bit more goofing off, especially in the mornings, that makes Durwood happy.

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Aunt B said...

That washcloth is too pretty to be left aside. Definitely deserved the spotlight even if just for a moment. And I'm with you with the summer/winter food. However, I too made a wintertime meal yesterday -- roasted chicken and dressing. When I asked Paul if it felt like Thanksgiving, he didn't know what I was talking about.