Monday, August 7, 2017

Snip, Snip, Snip

Finally, after days of trying to get myself downstairs to cut out more tunic dresses, I got around to it this morning.  I'm so glad I had to wait because there was a length of navy linen with red and white embroidered dots on it that I'd forgotten so I cut that too.  And I was so glad to have stumbled upon it (in a bin with all the other linen fabrics that I sorted out a couple weeks ago to use to make 100 Acts of Sewing garments so it isn't like it was lost in the mists of time) that I got right down to sewing it up into a dress.  As you see in the photo, I've got it sewed together up to putting the bias tape facing around the neck.  Man, these things are so quick to sew.  I finally got smart and used transfer paper and a tracing wheel to mark where to cut the neck curve of the front.  So much easier than trying to use a template or cut under the line on the pattern.  I predict I'll have it done by bedtime tonight and the other two will be done by the weekend.

The nasturtiums are enjoying living on the end of the straw bales.  I love the variegated leaves and that all of the flowers aren't the same color.

Last night after supper (instead of cutting out tunic dresses) I plunked down on the couch to crochet Sudoku Long Strip #1 to Sudoku Left Panel and then pin the other side of the strip to Sudoku Center Panel.  This is going to be a much bigger afghan than I ever imagined.  I was thinking lap blanket, this is going to be entire person size.  I have three skeins of the black yarn left which is plenty to knit Long Strip #2, attach the rest of the parts and then figure out how I want to edge it.  One possibility is to do applied I-cord, my other idea is to do an inch of garter edging overlapping the strips like a Log Cabin afghan.

August 7--Juan Gris, Landscape and House at Ceret.  The fields along the county road looked so tidy and even that Mia thought they could have been fake.  Stepford farms, she called them after that movie from the 1970s about a town where all the wives were turned into robots.  She thought that farms should be a little untidy, that weeds should invade the ditches, and the rows should waver a bit.  She knew that automation had come to farming but a little artistic mess wouldn't hut.

And that, children, is all there is for today.  Durwood and I were out and about this afternoon and I've got sweet corn in the microwave.  Listening for the buzz, butter at the ready.

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Aunt B said...

Saw your finished tunic dress on Instagram and love it. You're going to have a whole new wardrobe before you're finished. And the Sudoku afghan!! It looks enormous and should be displayed in the Smithsonian for all the world to see. Quite an accomplishment -- and it sounds like there's even more to do. You have persevered for a long time on that one. Love the nasturtiums too. Everything growing in your yard looks beautiful.