Friday, August 4, 2017

More Rain

But even in the rain there is the summer treat of fresh picked sweet corn bought right from the wagon it was picked onto.  Fifty cents an ear and worth every penny.  We don't know if it's the land they farm or the way they live their lives but this corn is the best, sweetest sweet corn we've ever eaten.  I hope they never decide to join corporate America just to wear clean clothes and not get sweaty.

Last night I hemmed the black linen capris and decided to attach the patch pockets I cut out as possible for the dress.  I hated to let them go to waste so on they went.  Pants need pockets, don't you agree?

The other day I was taking pictures of the daisies and bee balm before it's all done and this little bee was flying from daisy to daisy just, well, just as busy as a bee.  Then I noticed this pile-up of Purple Coneflowers.  There was a bee collecting pollen from the centers of these too but it hid under the petals of the flower above no matter what angle I tried.

Last night I drove over to the grocery and this sedan pulled up alongside me at the stoplight.  I laughed out loud when I saw the license plate.  It says: 007 RETD.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't Sean Connery behind the wheel.  It wasn't Pierce Brosnan either.  But I guess that Green Bay, Wisconsin is where spies go to retire.

This is what I saw when I turned onto our street this morning.  The asphalt guys were starting to grind off the top layer of the pavement in preparation for repaving it next week.  I spoke with a city engineer yesterday and she said that it'd take a week at most which filled me with happiness.  I was afraid it'd take another month and I'm tired of the slapdash fill-in of the places where the first workmen put in new storm sewer pipes.  I'm sure my car's shocks are tired of the bumpety bumps too.

Evidently we're back on the eating schedule of at least one female hummingbird.  We're both so glad.

August 4--Katsushika Hokusai, "Akazome Emon"  The two women stood on the covered bridge over the river.  The rising moon made a silver path across the midnight blue water.  Pamela felt the rising breeze tug at her skirt.  "At least there won't be many bugs if it's a little windy," she said.  Alix tugged at the sleeves of her thin sweater.  "You call this a little windy?"  She shivered.  "It feels like it's blowing right through me."  "Then let's keep walking if you're chilled."  Pamela nudged Alix who dragged her hand along the wood railing as she turned.  "Ouch," she said, "I got a splinter."  Breath hissed between her teeth.  "Damn, it hurts and it's bleeding.  I can't get blood on this sweater, it's cashmere."  Pamela pulled a hankie from her pocket.  "Here.  Wrap it in this and let's get back to the cottage."

Okey-dokey.  Time to slap some pictures on here and hit "Publish."

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Aunt B said...

That sweet corn! Really nothing like it. So glad you braved the rain to get some. And yes, pockets are definitely good on anything. Wise move.