Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Next Sign of Spring

I was delighted to see a lone red tulip blooming out front.  Isn't it pretty?  Yesterday was a glorious day and today isn't far behind.  I picked up some grass seed this morning after my manicure that I'll be overseeding the front and side yards with as soon as I get this posted.  I resisted the pull of all the pretty flowers at the garden center but it was hard.  With a winter as demonic as ours was I'm not taking any chances with "tender annuals" and I'm not putting my bay leaves and rosemary out yet either, although I probably could nestle them next to the house and they'd do fine.  I'll think about it.  The bleeding heart popped up about 3 inches overnight and the lilies of the valley are standing tall, just about ready to unfurl their leaves.

I actually managed to (almost) only clean the bathroom and mop the kitchen floor yesterday just like I'd planned.  The only plan deviation was that I hopped over to the library to return a book and to the post office to mail a package.  The rest of the day I sat around doing nothing, well, reading a book.  Good girl, that's what Durwood says, because he's of the opinion that I do too much.  Is there such a thing?  I like getting stuff done.

May 10--Thomas Sully, Mother and Son.  He waited until Papa put down the paintbrush and then counted ten breaths before ducking under Mama's arm and out the door.  Papa said he was "out of the frame" and Tom paused but then Papa laughed and sent him to play.  It was like a game they played, Papa and Tom.  Tom thought that his papa has forgotten how to play or maybe he had never known how.  Certainly Grandmama Wheeler didn't look like she was a fan of playing, even for her own son.  She went on about enrichment and uplifting activities for boys.  Tom was positive that meant no baseball or fishing unless he thought of a way to turn it int a geometry or science lesson, so he never told Grandmama where he went and what he did.

Okay, time to go play with the rake and bags of grass seed.  There will be watering too.  Better change my shoes, I'm certain to get wet.

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Aunt B said...

There's something about that lone tulip that makes it so very important. Can't wait to see a picture of the lilies of the valley. Remember how they grew under that big evergreen tree in mother and daddy's house over on Cave Avenue? I do.