Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Today's supposed to be my day off but Mrs. Boss had a funeral to attend this morning so I agreed to work a couple three hours for her, then Durwood has to see a new foot doc this afternoon.  I'm in demand, I tell you.

I want to go to Toys R Us later and score a reasonably priced stroller so LC and I can tool around the block or go shopping without me having to haul that heavy car seat bucket thing.  Remember the old days when people carried their babies in their arms?  I do, it just seems cozier, not as safe I grant you, and don't get me wrong I'm all in favor of safety for everybody, it just seems friendlier to hold a baby in your arms than in a molded plastic protection (I almost said ejection) seat.  So I'm going to get a stroller today--which has absolutely nothing to do with carrying a baby in your arms or a car seat so sorry for the tangent off into random-complaining-land.

This morning when I went out for the paper I saw that the grape hyacinths are really blooming their little hearts out.  I sure like the way they look against the bright spring green leaves and grass with the vivid yellow of the daffodils nearby.  It just says spring, don't you think?

May 6--Emile Galle, "Autumn Crocus" Vase.  The shards of glass glittered like diamonds on the Persian rug.  The sunlight struck prisms that danced on the dark paneling like dewdrop fairies.  Lane stood stunned at the end of the desk.  He had no idea what he had said that made Vera throw the vase at him but he was glad to have ducked because the glass shards would have cut him to ribbons and the base was heavy enough to give him a concussion.

Enjoy your sunny day.  I hope to get out in the sun for at least a few minutes today.  It's such a nice change from rain.

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Aunt B said...

Hope you found a reasonably priced stroller. So many accessories required for a baby. But gotta keep those little ones safe. Love the flowers. Happy Spring!!!