Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Missed You. Did You Miss Me?

I feel like I've had one of my arms chopped off since I took my laptop, my beloved Kumquat, to the fixit shop to get all the malware and hacker tracks removed.  I tried to use Durwood's dinosaur of a desktop computer yesterday but couldn't endure the ages (and ages and ages) of time it took to boot up and then drag itself over to a website, so I didn't compute yesterday.  But, and this is a very good but, I heard from Mr. Fixit that I should be able to pick it back up on Friday, and I am at work today and tomorrow so I'll have a zippy, modern computer to blog on.  *whew*

Yesterday morning the sunrise was moody and beautiful.  Seeing it made me glad I got up early.  I had a raft of errands to do yesterday on my day off and then I dragged out my garden kneeler and went across the front of the house, both sides of the house, pulling up baby maple trees.  As prolific as they are I don't see any danger of maple trees going extinct anytime soon.  Late in the day a guy came to inspect and tune up the air conditioners for the cooling season.  Naturally they're of an age when things are starting to break down and need replacing (sounds familiar) so we'll be having another visit so they can put in new conductors or constrictors or some such electronic gadgets and cleaning out the blower wheels (??? --  that doesn't sound like a real thing to me) for a princely sum.  It irked me until I remembered that we got the air conditioners for free when we put in new furnaces about 10 years ago, so we're still ahead, expense-wise.  We want to be cool and we want to filter out a lot of the particulates, molds, and things so it's easier for Durwood to breathe so we're getting the work done soon.

I stopped to talk to some of our neighbors and ended up promising to buy a little scooter tricycle for LC for next summer.  It doesn't have pedals which I guess is the new trend for kids' transportation toys.  Whatever, it's red and white, and nearly brand new so I'm getting it.  I passed on the Cadillac of strollers and a little tiny two-wheeler.  I barely have room to store our junk much less a bunch of baby and kid things.  (oh, that statement's going to come back to bite me in the butt, I just know it)

I did manage to finish the bib for LC I cast on the other day.  I'd hoped to finish it at work on Monday but when I got here Mrs. Boss had a whole pile of things for me to do so I had to work all day at work and not knit a stitch.  (can you believe it?  the nerve...)  I like the bib, though, and think I'm going to try knitting one in Cascade Fixation which is cotton yarn with a little elastic in it (I have a few partial skeins that'll do just fine) so it'll fit around her little neck more neatly and the ribbing won't stretch out and sag.

May 21--Paul Poiret & Raoul Dufy, "La Perse" Coat.  She could have hidden in a Rousseau painting in that coat.  Enormous leaves and obscenely large flowers swirled and glowered on the silk, making the fur collar and cuffs a good place for the eyes to rest.  Detective Williams wondered for a moment how she felt wearing the coat, and wondering if the blood would ever come out.  Probably not.  The way she sprawled on the cold white marble floor of the gallery convinced Williams that death had surprised her.  She had turned away from the spears of plate glass that flew when the explosion blew in the windows.  She never stood a chance.  Others in the crowd had been injured, she was the unlucky one who had died.

And now I have to face the fact that I'm at work and should probably quit blogging and do some work-y work before the day is over.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

Of course I missed you yesterday -- and glad to know you missed me too! Getting those air conditioners tuned up -- sounds like summer's on the way!!!