Friday, May 9, 2014

Now It Feels Like Spring

It's very humid and warm out there, probably going to rain too.  The green lawns glow and you can almost hear things pushing out of the ground and the leaf buds popping.  A few more forsythia blooms bloomed too.  I think we're saved.  Whew.

We think we trapped a kitty cat in the garage last week.  I found the interim garbage can tipped and a meat tray on the floor and Durwood's got kitty cat footprints up the hood and windshield of his van.  I left the garage door up a few inches the other day and covered the garbage with a metal plate and big rock so hopefully it has moved out.  We saw a stray cat on the patio on Tuesday and thought maybe that was our stowaway.  I was very relieved to see that it wasn't a squirrel, they can be very destructive as Aunt B knows very well.  (I looked up squirrel tracks on the 'net to make sure.)

It didn't rain on the Knitting Guild picnic last night.  It wasn't sunny or particularly warm but it wasn't raining so we could sit out on VJ's deck to knit and yak and yak and knit,and eat of course.  It was a good time.  Last night was the presentation of the Design-A-Thon awards too.  I didn't win (didn't expect to) but it still feels pretty cool that I made up something that could actually be knitted up into a thing.  Our entries were returned too.  Welcome home, Triple Twist Cable Mitts.

At work yesterday I crocheted up a couple practice wings.  They're too big, way too big, so I'll be frogging them and making a half-size wing.  I think it'll look better to have the wings little and the bug big, kind of the way a bumblebee looks way bigger than those tiny wings should be able to lift.

May 9--Peru, Wari Culture, Four-Cornered Hat.  The symmetry of the woven designs was what caught Rae's eye.  The hat bobbed in the crowd ahead of her, to be precise, surely there had to be a man wearing the hat walking in the crowded street.  She had gone to the Saturday market in this corner of Lima looking for fabrics to export to the States.  She found a few things but it was the hat's design and colors that drew her eye.  Nothing else had the sense of humor and self-awareness that the person who had woven it had.  She didn't hesitate, she followed the hat away from the crowded market and into the dark, narrow lanes of the old town.

My big plan today is to clean the bathroom.  I know, radical and daring, but I'm going to do it.  It's time.  Nothing else is pressing but you know I'll manage to fill up the day with busy work.  I'm good at that.  A bientot, cheries.


Cheryl Brocher said...

Barbara....I NEED the recipes for both of your treats from the picnic. I absolutely LOVED them. Please???


Aunt B said...

Oh the incident of the squirrel invasion still haunts me!!! So glad it was only a cat -- and only in your garage. Your cook-out looked wonderful. Finally springtime is heading your way.