Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Maple Leaves!

All of a sudden there are tiny leaves on the maple trees.  My pal Mardi noticed it yesterday and wondered why it doesn't make noise when they all pop out at once.  I totally agree.  The other day all we had were bare twigs and now little leaves have popped out.  See?  I think the long cold winter stressed the trees so they didn't make those yellow flowers that turn into helicopters (seeds) this spring, they only had enough energy left to make leaves.  I am very glad to see leaves on the trees but, like Mardi, wonder why they don't sound like popcorn or whooshing wind when they unfurl.  Maybe we just can't hear it because we're not evolved enough.

Durwood and I went across town (all the way across the river [all of 5 miles]) to Lindsley's greenhouse to see if they had basil and thyme plants.  They did, and they also had Buttercrunch lettuce which I have always wanted to grow, so I got some of that too.  I spent all of ten bucks and got lots of plants.  Now I get to build a cage to put around the box planter I'll be putting the lettuce in to keep the bunnies, etc. from eating it before I get the chance.

We stopped to play with LC on the way and Grandpa taught her to blow raspberries (pthththbt!) since she's starting to get food in addition to milk.  She did really well, but she also learned how to make the snort/puff sound that his oxygen system makes when he inhales.  The kid's a genius!  I worked on the petals for the flower pacifier clip.  I like 'em.  Maybe I'll get them sewed together later today.

This is my 5th day off work in a row and I could get used to this.  Of course I'd run out of "play" money really fast without that weekly paycheck but every once in a while this long string of days is just lovely.  Today's a doctor day for Durwood and I get to drop my car, Beverly, off to get her dents removed.  Man, it's going to be a pain to be without a car for a few days.  Not that I'll be housebound, there's always Durwood's aircraft carrier of a vehicle, but I'll miss Beverly although I'll be very glad to get those dents out.  Stupid slick snowy street and parked Post Office truck, also the schmuck that scraped a different fender up in Door County a few years back.

May 27--China, Mirror Case with Pattern of Rock, Chrysanthemum, and Pomegranate.  Susie sewed late into the night sitting in a pool of light.  Her needle flashed silver in and out of the red silk fabric of the purse she was making.

It wasn't a writing night.  I was tired, and today promises to be tiring too.  Joy.  Remember, today's really Tuesday even though it feels like Monday.

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Aunt B said...

Your plants look beautiful -- especially that basil. Love it. And the maple trees too, of course. All that green -- so welcome after so much white stuff!!!