Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bleeding Hearts & Apple Blossoms

Just a couple of the glorious blooming things in our backyard.  The Lilies of the Valley are doing their best to overcome the long, fierce winter that was so reluctant to release its grip on us and the Lilacs are perfuming the whole place (although I need to coax the wind to shift a teensy bit so that the fragrance wafts into the house instead of alongside it).  I love this time of year when everything's coming to life and celebrating it in the most showy way.  Summer is good too when all the annuals and tomato plants are out baking in the sun but the Spring blooms are just such a CELEBRATION.  The only lilies that survived away from the house are the daylilies; the Stargazers and Lipstick lilies didn't come back.  *sigh*  At least the ones across the front of the house where they're most protected made it.  *whew*

Doctor Day yesterday wasn't any fun (and we didn't expect it to be), it was long and boring and the news wasn't great, not awful, but not of the "you're healed, go away" variety either, but then we kind of knew that going in.  See, Durwood's got COPD and that never gets better so you just try to slow it down.  Plus there was a giant (and I mean GIGANTIC) crane building something near or over the main entrance so we ended up criss-crossing the hospital multiple times and they wouldn't let us play with the crane, not even for one minute.  Spoilsports.

We delivered my car to the body shop to get her dents pounded out so Durwood gets to take me to work and pick me up today and tomorrow.  I don't know why that makes me feel as if I've been sentenced to prison, I never go anyplace during work and he'd be perfectly happy to take me someplace (or even someplacES) before or after work--so what's the deal, Barbara, you spoiled brat?  It's supposed to be done on Friday, which is just around the corner, right?  That'll be good and then I won't have those ugly dents in the passenger side fenders.

May 28--Jean-Baptiste-Claude Sene, Armchair (Beregere).  It was "the queen chair" to the kids in the family.  Granny sat in it every night after supper and they thought she looked like a queen with her silver and gold hair piled up on her head like a crown.  The chair was made of gilded wood and upholstered in white silk with gold flowers embroidered all over it.  Once Dina pretended the back of the chair was a big connect-the-dots puzzle and wrote all over it with a crayon.  We thought she'd get into big trouble but Granny said "the child is bored" and ordered a bunch of art supplies and puzzle books from some store in the city for all of us to share.

It's not sunny today and not too warm either.  I kind of like it.  I don't think it's supposed to rain but it looks like it might decide to later.  Off to seek breakfast before my ride takes me to work.  And to get my paycheck!  Suddenly the day looks a little brighter, the moths in my wallet are getting hungry.

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Aunt B said...

There's something about not having your car sitting out there "ready to go" -- even if you don't actually need it that minute. Sorry you didn't get a miracle announcement at the doctor's office but glad you're carrying on. Oh, those lilies of the valley!!! And the lilacs. Almost makes enduring that dreadful winter worth it. Almost!!