Sunday, May 4, 2014

No Saturday Post Because I Ran Away For The Day

Yesterday the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild had our annual Yarn Crawl so I had to be up with the birds, dressed and to the meeting place for 7:30am where 14 of us gathered into three cars/vans/SUVs to tootle down to Beaver Dam, Columbus, and Madison.  The store in Beaver Dam, Firefly Fibers, opened a half hour early to accommodate us.  I found a bit of yarn (on sale!) and a birthday gift.  At Susan's Fibers in rural Columbus aside from the overwhelming array of yarn and fiber, the spinning wheels and looms, there were lambs, and Pete caught one for us to pet.  I will say that the lamb was not as impressed to meet us.  It was hard to choose something there, too many temptations, but I managed to curb myself.  We stopped at The Laurel Tavern in Madison for a lunch of amazing burgers and green beans fries, which I didn't try and now I kind of regret it.  I'll have to go back, I guess.  After lunch we waddled across the street and down a block to the Yarn Tree.  I didn't find anything there.  *sniff*  Our last stop was at Stitcher's Crossing where half the store is full of yarn and the other half is full of fabric.  Nirvana.  They arranged a demo for us on how to knit jogless stripes in the round.  It was very well presented, easy to understand, and she even had a handout for us.  I managed to find a few skeins, a little more birthday gift, and a 1 lb. bag of fabric scraps.  Then the four of us in AT's car made our way home, stopping at Mickey D's in Beaver Dam for ice cream dip cones.  It was a fun day.

I knitted up a much smaller cocoon on the drives yesterday.  I think it'll be better for the walnut bug.

Today I'll be clearing the winter's detritus off the patio and out of the flower beds around it.  I plan to put the leaves, etc. on the garden so that instead of letting them rot in the city's yard waste dump they can enrich my garden instead of a dump.  Good use of resources, don't you think?  And I'm determined to grill out, cook some kind of meat over a charcoal fire, maybe I'll even grill some vegetables.  Because it's SUNNY today.  Not particularly warm, only into the 50s, but it's SUNNY.  I want to be out in it.

May 4--Hashimoto Chikanobu, Concert of European Music.  A lot can be hidden under those skirts, the Inspector thought as he watched the women clustered by the piano.  The thieves had been brazen, coming into the house during a concert when there were extra eyes and ears in every room.  Madame Foste3rly had opened the safe in the early afternoon to remove her jewels for the evening and was adamant that every box and bauble was in its place.  She was beyond certain that she had closed it up tight when she was through.  Her lady's maid, Burke, was in floods of uncharacteristic tears at the thought that she might be under suspicion.

Happy Star Wars Day!  May the fourth be with you.

Okay, I'm off to get out into the sunshine.  I'll might survive this Spring after all.

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Aunt B said...

What a fun outing you had! I love little getaways like that with friends you enjoy. And sunshine to boot!! Life is good!!