Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Do You Have A Favorite Color?

Or favourite colour, as they say in the Antipodes?  (That's what those in the British Isles call Australia.  The blog that publishes the Photo A Day lists is from Australia.)  Do you surround yourself with that color?  Array yourself in it?  I do.  I use it as a barometer of my moods in clothes, socks, and shoes.  Shoes!  I love shoes in my favorite color.  I have lots of them.  The uncertainty lies in the fact that I wear them both when I'm in a funk as a mood elevator and when I'm over-the-moon happy, so an observer (Durwood) doesn't know whether to tiptoe or grin... and that's the way I like it.  (hee)  If you don't already know, my favo(u)rite colo(u)r is red.  Red, glorious red.  Ahhh, I love it.  I have red roses (thanks, Dad), and a red car named Beverly, I have red shirts, red bags, red socks (socks, socks, I love red socks!), red shoes (we already know how I feel about red shoes), red reading glasses, a red massager, even my camera is red though I couldn't put it in the picture and still take the picture, red all manner of stuff, I even have a red parka for winter wear.  I don't have red hair (darn it) but I do have a friend (Lala) who does and my Grandma A had it so I have red hair genes, they're just recessive.  Maybe I'll have a red-headed grandbaby someday.  Wouldn't that be cool?  I like things red--strawberries and beets and cherries--but not red sunburn and not red blood... on the outside, I mean, inside I'm in favor of it.  Totally.  I even like Red Hots candies.  Are you redded out yet?  I'm winding down this paean to red so I can get on with my day.  I'm off to Wally World to invest in ingredients to make some DIY 100-calorie packs of snacks we can take on our Wild West adventure next month.  We'll need car snacks and Weight Watchers had a list of them in last week's email, so I'm making some to see what we like best.  I'm so sharp I cut myself.  Okay, descending into oddball territory.  Time to wind this up.  Or down.

July 10--Manohar, Painter; Mir-Ali, Calligrapher, Shah Jahan Album.  "Oh my god, I hate this wallpaper."  Julietta flung her hands up as if to ward off an attack.  It was all Beth could do to keep from rolling her eyes.  "It's a copy of a page from the Shah Jahan album from seventeenth century India,"she told her client. "It's been written up in Country Living, House Beautiful, and The New York Times.  Beth knew that Julietta's tune would change when she heard those names.  "Oh.  Well perhaps I can live with it," Julietta said with a sniff.  I'll just bet you can, Beth though, and you'll dine out on that for a solid week.  But she just smiled at her problem client and aimed her at the view from the expanse of east-facing windows.  Fifty-seven showings and the woman still can't make up her mind.

Well, that took off on an unexpected tangent.  I noticed that often my first impulse is to write in quotes, to make this little prompt writing a conversation.  That's not all bad, do you think?  Okay, I'm off to cash my (smaller) paycheck and buy some snack-makings.  See ya.

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Aunt B said...

Me too!!! The first thing I did when we moved into this house was paint the kitchen cabinets red. That was 13 years ago and I still love my red kitchen!