Monday, July 16, 2012

Bag Jag, The Movie

Not really, no movie, but I can't seem to stop making bags.  On Saturday I went downstairs into the studio (sounds much cooler than "the basement," doesn't it?) and made another medium sized one and my first large one.  Being the design maven that I am (not) I made coordinating bags that just happen to go with one of the small ones I made on Friday.  (Would you look at that?)  The linings all match but I confess that I stole the lining photo styling from Noodlehead's blog.  But it was such a brilliant way to show it! (she bleats defensively)

(good thing Durwood's taking a nap, a squirrel just chased a flock of sparrows off the spilled birdseed below the feeder.  he's determined to train the squirrels to leave "his" birds alone.  oh, that reminds me to pack a couple pairs of binoculars for our trip...)

On Saturday I also finished the first miter of Bandwagon Block #9.  I had to rewind the ball so that the green was the starting color.  I love this long repeat stuff, it's like I'm using a couple different skeins when it's really all the same.

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