Sunday, August 3, 2014

To Quote Gloria Gaynor...

"I Will Survive"  (do NOT skip clicking this link.  I mean it, you'll be glad you did.) I think my cold has turned the corner and is on its way out.  I think.  Today I feel better than I have in about 5 days.  Whew.  It seemed to be touch and go for a while there, like I'd have to die to feel better, but I'm on the mend thanks to liberal applications of Afrin, honey-lemon cough drops, and a little bit of Vicks Vaporub.

Did your mom slather than on your chest when you were a kid and had a cold?  Mine did.  I remember the warm feeling it gave my chest and the menthol vapors cleared my head.  I bought some at Walmart yesterday to stroll down memory lane.  I do think I slept a bit better for it.  I also remember my Grandma Stephan putting a dab up each nostril before bed and joking that after she died they'd find a thin layer of it inside her skull since she'd used so much of it for so long.  I can see her looking at me with a bit of a smile and a twinkle in her eyes.  I miss her, she's been gone over 30 years and I still miss her.  I miss Grandma Angermeier too, I think of them both all the time.  Mom too.  (see?  the snot's melting my brain and making me maudlin.  I'll stop now.)

We went to brunch today and I got to bring home a bouquet.  Pretty cool, huh?  Every time I see the flowers at the Farmer's Market I'm tempted to buy some but I don't so I'm happy to have these.  The food was awesome and the company unsurpassed.

August 3--Unknown Artist, The Shop and Warehouse of Duncan Phyfe.  David lined up the wooden blocks like a row of houses and townhouses.  As he worked he talked to himself.  "Here's where the daddy goes to the office and here's where the mama is boss."  His small hands were careful to line up the blocks evenly and he varied the colors.  "Mama works in the green work and Daddy's work is yellow."  His eyes lit up as if he'd made a momentous discovery.  "Like the football guys are green and yellow."  David's daddy was a big football fan and David's vocabulary grew by leaps and bounds over the course of a season.

See I was thinking about the football guys last night because it was Family Night and they shot off fireworks at the end.  If I hadn't felt like I was suffering from the Martian Death Cold I might have driven over to see them.  Maybe next time.  Now I'm going to go sit in the basement and sew.  Yippee!

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Aunt B said...

Yay!!! Sounds like you're going to survive your cold -- unlike that poor little alien so bravely singing! Cute!