Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to the Land of the Living

I didn't take any pills or squirt any medicine up my nose before bed last night and I slept through the night and feel nearly human this morning.

Yesterday afternoon while Durwood napped (it was Sunday, what else would a guy do when it isn't football season?  which is starting up, he tells me.) I went downstairs to sew.  My friend Lala wanted an art challenge a few weeks back but MH & DG aren't doing them anymore, so I came up with one for us to do.  She and I were in Sheboygan a couple years back and saw the Supermoon rise, so "Supermoon" was the challenge I set for us.  I had an idea (I think I told you this) to sew up a tote pattern I saw on the Purl Bee blog called The Railroad Tote but make the
moon rising over Lake Michigan on the pocket and that's what I did yesterday.  I had pulled out all my batiks, washed and ironed them, and picked out the ones I thought said "moonlight on the lake" to me, then I bought some sheer silver fabric for moonlight and webbing for handles.  It took me about 3 hours with cutting and pattern reading (and going back and rereading) to go from start to finish, including cutting out the pieces and piecing the pocket.  The pattern calls for binding the seams with bias binding (which I did) but I think when I make another tote (and I will because it was easy and fun and looks good) I'll just serge the seams.  But look how cool it turned out!  I'm thrilled.  I kind of want to hang it around my neck today like a giant necklace or take it to work and hang it on the wall behind the desk so I can gaze upon it and smile at my accomplishment all day.  But I won't.

This morning's sky was cloudy and low but the sky poked through a bit.  Now if those clouds would only bring rain.  We need RAIN.  We need a rainy day.  Kids off school for the summer need to have a rainy day to play out in.  Pleeeze.

August 4--Thomas Couture, Soap Bubbles.  Winnie lay back in her chair feeling her life disappearing around her like soap bubbles popping at the slightest touch.  Until a few hours ago everything was fine but then Jack came home, packed a bag, and left without saying a word.  Then the police arrived.  A grim-looking detective handed her a search warrant, then gripped her elbow to draw her outside while a squad of gloved people search her house.  Her mind was a jumble and she kept having to ask the detective to repeat things.  No, she didn't know where Jack had gone.  No, she didn't know he had emptied their accounts.  She didn't know his friends, had never met his family, wasn't sure where he worked.  The parade of belonging she had never seen leaving her house in the hands of the police made her legs weak.  How stupid had she been?

It's Monday--again, but it's also payday again so I don't really mind the whole Monday thing too much.  I'm glad to be feeling a bit better.  I do not recommend getting this cold, it's a doozy.  Time for showering and all that getting-ready-for-work stuff.  Seeyabye.


Victoria Jicha said...

Love the bag! You are one creative gal!

Ann said...

The tote looks awesome, Mom!

Aunt B said...

Yes, the tote bag should definitely be on display -- either around your neck or on the wall for all to see and exclaim over! Well, well, very well done!!!