Saturday, August 2, 2014

Goig Dowd For the Third Tibe

At least that's how I felt this morning, like I was drowning.  I hadn't slept well and felt like I was worse instead of better.  I drowsed on the couch most of the day until Durwood said that he didn't have any suitable pants for tomorrow so I dragged my near-corpse to Walmart with him and a miracle happened.  I actually felt better.  An hour's nap on the couch this afternoon helped too.  I think I might make it.  Whew.

Didn't write last night, too tired and too stuffy.

You take care of yourself and stay far far away from cold germs.  I don't recommend them AT ALL.  Not even for the soup.


Cheryl Brocher said...

Just wait until your little Lucy goes to school!! Everything they brought home, I got in Spades!!! Colds, stomach flu (yuck) Type A nfluenze etc. etc. But the odd thing was that all of us got these things including her husband but she DIDN'T!!! Hope you feel better fast!!

Cheryl Brocher said...

I ment my daughter didn't! And it's influenza...sheesh!! Can't think right today!!